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Soleil: Low.

Soleil is a rockstar in one of my comic ideas, so it's only fitting that images of him be homages to super cool bands/musicians. This is one such homage!

Don't you wonder, sometimes, 'bout sound and vision?

Also, please fullview this one. It looks terrible small.
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Absolutely awesome!
Heguy's avatar
Awesome, i really like it very much!
manee-sketch's avatar
love the colours and the thick black areas, beautiful!
wind-box's avatar
Are you sure you're not Roy Lichtenstein in disguise? XD Just kidding~ Love the sense of darkness/mystery through the colors and lines :}
tojisuzuhara's avatar
I wish that I were! I'd be so rich!
hakubaikou's avatar
Oh, I love this one. The colors, the clean cut from light to dark. It's wonderful.
JohnHupp's avatar
I really like the colours and rendering techniques -- very warm but still part noir.
eminkey2003's avatar
Ooh, the BG is super. I hope you do make this a comic. :)
bearmantooth's avatar
nice man. really like the composition, with the use of the fire stuff.
nastenka's avatar
I sure love this drawing. I thought the prints I made looked cool, but these colors are really fantastic. If only I had the fortitude to attempt so many screens!
tojisuzuhara's avatar
Couldn't you just imagine all of the glorious errors with that many screens? It would be so pretty!
Sairobi's avatar
... I feel really dumb, but what is this homage to? ^^;

Regardless, I like the lighting. Lots.
tojisuzuhara's avatar
It's the cover to David Bowie's 1977 album, Low.

I was looking at it one day and noticed how it looks like they're pretty much wearing the same thing from that angle. (See this ANCIENT picture of Soleil), so I thought it'd be fun to combine the two!

Now I have to draw an updated picture of him so I don't feel so cheap!

Thanks for the nice words!
hezaa's avatar
This turned out awesome! I love the line weight and the way you did the background/effects.
row's avatar
Nice profile! I like the contrast with the black and the red as well. Good job!
oxboxer's avatar
That... It's just so... :ekud:

Makes me wanna see more iconic images of this guy. :star:
Sepia-Mortis's avatar
Ooooh the lighting on the face is a very nice contrast to the background! Awesome!
captivx's avatar
Oh hey, someone who can draw actual ears properly, oh I think I'm in love. Dig the halftone and crackle on the orange as well.
sixgunsalute's avatar
I fullview'd cause when I say I want people to fullview, I mean it, damn it! So I did.

Nice shadows, old-school comic tones, colors. So warm, I could snuggle up and go to sleep in 'em!
tojisuzuhara's avatar
I appreciate it!

I have mine set to auto-full view, but not everyone has cable, so I understand!

You also never know when someone's going to upload the super high resolution file.
ameinias's avatar
Oh man, if Soliel can steal Bowie's jacket, should be able to, too. Waaant.

I love the orange half-tones in this. Fabu!
tojisuzuhara's avatar
I don't think you'd want this version. It has all sorts of gaudy flames as it goes down.
benthic's avatar
Great colors and heavy black use. Simply a very solid and well done image. I'd certainly read a comic that looked this well, based solely on the art.
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