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I started drawing this for Becky Cloonan (*stabstabstab) about a month ago, and the number of folds made me put it down before I'd really finished any of the details. But then I went to APE and met her. She had so much energy and excitement about comics and art that I started drawing this again right at the con during a panel for Flight.

A few weeks ago, when I was in Australia, I picked up some really choice Faber-Castell inking pens, and I inked this with those exclusively. They're really quite amazing when they work. So yesterday, Becky was doing a Tokyopop signing in LA and I was able to give it to her in person. I promised her colors, and here they are! Quite timely, too, considering it's Easter!

Anyway, this is Adam Chamberlain, the main character of American Virgin (go there and download the preview PDF! It's free!), a comic written by Steven T. Seagle and drawn by Becky Cloonan (the first three issues having covers by Frank Quitely! <3) about a youth minister named Adam Chamberlain who preaches abstinence until something happens to the only woman he can ever be with! I really recommend it to anyone. The story's tense, and the art is, not surprisingly, quite amazing, and all of Adam's little transgressions are so much fun to watch (especially if you want him to come over to the other side of the "moral" fence!).

Anyway, ROCK:

Oh yeah, Fullview or I'll hate you forever. <3

Edit on April 19, 2006: Color retool! Gradients are fun for the whole family.
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So... What is this exactly? Psuedo-Yaoi for Christians?
(joking, of course)