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Save Yourself.

I started drawing this for Becky Cloonan (*stabstabstab) about a month ago, and the number of folds made me put it down before I'd really finished any of the details. But then I went to APE and met her. She had so much energy and excitement about comics and art that I started drawing this again right at the con during a panel for Flight.

A few weeks ago, when I was in Australia, I picked up some really choice Faber-Castell inking pens, and I inked this with those exclusively. They're really quite amazing when they work. So yesterday, Becky was doing a Tokyopop signing in LA and I was able to give it to her in person. I promised her colors, and here they are! Quite timely, too, considering it's Easter!

Anyway, this is Adam Chamberlain, the main character of American Virgin (go there and download the preview PDF! It's free!), a comic written by Steven T. Seagle and drawn by Becky Cloonan (the first three issues having covers by Frank Quitely! <3) about a youth minister named Adam Chamberlain who preaches abstinence until something happens to the only woman he can ever be with! I really recommend it to anyone. The story's tense, and the art is, not surprisingly, quite amazing, and all of Adam's little transgressions are so much fun to watch (especially if you want him to come over to the other side of the "moral" fence!).

Anyway, ROCK:

Oh yeah, Fullview or I'll hate you forever. <3

Edit on April 19, 2006: Color retool! Gradients are fun for the whole family.
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So... What is this exactly? Psuedo-Yaoi for Christians?
(joking, of course)
tojisuzuhara's avatar
Well, the Trinity is an eternal threesome. Those Christians are kinky.
amibloodangel's avatar
Lol, Well, i was raised Jewish, currently Athiest, So... lol. One thing I love about my former faith and christians is that some of the biblical heroes turned out to be fucking nuts. Like Joshua killing everyone in Jerhico. lol.
heysawbones's avatar
Somehow I knew that you read this comic.
tojisuzuhara's avatar
Heh, is it that obvious?
SashaArcain's avatar
That is my goal 0_o
PulseMap's avatar
thats awesome...
freeing-liberty's avatar
Great job on this.
aimo's avatar
I really love your take on Adam, very lively lines and colours! Let's see how long he can walk the line ^_^
matsunoki's avatar
Woah, tis was inked?. :omg: Zeamazing! Can you please share what type of Faber-Castell inking material used for this one? *paranoid*
tojisuzuhara's avatar
I used a TG1 S 0.13 pen for the fine lines, and a TG1 S 0.50 pen for filling in the thicker lines. Metal-tipped inking pens used in drafting by engineers and the like. They're really, really nice when they aren't acting up.
emstone's avatar
This rocks... and thank you for the watch :) :)
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This'll probably get buried under the other comments, but I wanted to commend you on this one, after blasting you on the Green Lantern piece. (which I still liked!) You said you drew this after a fresh dose of enthusiasm, and it shows. The folds are beautiful- you really captured the puffiness of the cargo pants,and the weight of the fabric. The pockets look great, everything is in proportion, the composition is thematically significant, and the lighting doesn't seem like it's coming from nowhere. The pose is great, I love the subtle foreshortening on the arms, and you even managed to get in a reference to Becky's style in in the way you did the eyes. Pat yourself on the back, this is great.

tojisuzuhara's avatar
I've still got a lot to learn about everything, but it's all practice at this point so thanks for looking at my illustrations wtih critical eyes. It really helps and I appreciate it a lot.
mattious's avatar
It's obvious that you're really gifted and lacking only in practice. If you're of the mind for it, feel welcome to point out any shartcomings you see in my work, technical or general. Sometimes I haven't noticed stuff, and I can not do it anymore if someone brings it to my attention.

I had a few good teachers and classmates in school, and I'll miss such ready access to regular, brutal critique. Brutal in the generous, good-spirited, trying-to-help way, of course. But new-asshole tearing nonetheless.

Will you be at either SPX or the Stumptown Comics Fest this fall? I might see you around.

tojisuzuhara's avatar
I'll make sure to give you some tough crits whenever you post!

Sadly, though, I probably won't be at either of those this year. They're too far away for me to be able to afford it. I will be at the next APE, though.
poop-mouth's avatar
aaaaaauuuuhhhhh american virgin &hearts; this is uhhh basically my life forever
Klyph's avatar
Love the background in contrast with the subject. Nicely done!
debingth's avatar
Oo i recently bought Demo and the 1st vol of East coast rising... can't seem to find american virgin in the local stores tho. Must look more! Great strong lineart, i like how you did the solid colours. :D
tojisuzuhara's avatar
There have only been three issues of American Virgin so far, so it might be a while before the trade comes out if you're going that route.
kitton's avatar
I really like this. The hands are strong in this... I really like the clothing folds and his outfit design. Also, I really like your attention to detail in all of the folds in this :3 The yellow and black cross in the background works so well with the pose.... nice work!
Jandruff's avatar
This is UNBELIEVABLY cool. It exudes cool.
hakubaikou's avatar
This is great! O.O I really like the lighting on this one.
tojisuzuhara's avatar
Thanks, Haku. I basically kept taking screenshots to get up-to-the-hour crits from one of my good colory friends. I would've died without her help!
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