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SOIL is a comic I wrote and drew for the first NOBODIES anthology published by DRAWMORE, INC. late last year. It was crazy hectic, but with the coloring help of Renee Keyes (~emoxic) and Ray Bruwelheide, it got turned in time to be printed. If you want a print version, you can get that here: [link]

It was an experiment in compression and storytelling that I haven't been able to do in Alpha Flag. The story was a fun science fiction sketch I didn't have enough space to expand upon as much as I would've liked, but I still like the end product!
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Dude, this is too awesome. I've been meaning to tell you this for about a month now, but hey. Better late than never!
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Really like this, the design work is very original and the colours awesome.
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this is brilliant. truly a brilliantly crafted short story and a fantastic universe. well played
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this is beautiful. your work keeps getting better. what have you been up to these days?
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Thanks man. What am I up to these days? Well, currently hustling to find a job, drawing comics, and writing. It's okay. How's Lolapps, Inc. treating you?
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Nicely written. Well drawn and put together. :D
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It's so pretty!
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It is beautiful! I love how much story you have compressed into such little space. The colours are beautiful too! I really enjoy the complexity of the technical language and the strange relationship the humans have with these plant hosts!
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Oh, I do like this! You've created such an interesting world with this short comic! Your experiment into compressing storytelling was a success. Your art works really well with the sci-fi angle, too. Love the idea you've got here, I only wish you'd drawn more! But this is a good length. Great work!
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Thanks. I'll do some more science fiction shorts in the future.
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This is superb. It's the kind of imaginative short idea/vignette that reminds me of my favorite Ray Bradbury short story collections. Kudos. I'll need to dig into the rest of DrawMore Inc. to see what they're up to now.
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Thanks, Gene. I love those old 60s science fiction short stories so hard. I wish the mainstream manifestations of the genre would look back to those more often.
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This is so cool... The lines and colours are beautiful! I also hope to see more of this comic... The interaction between plants and humans is very interesting, and I love the fact that the plants take the humans on because of the fish they have... And I always thought fish weren't all that significant!
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I like this a whole lot! I like that you generally do science fiction/surreal comics but they still end up becoming so diverse in storyline and mood. Not to mention the great quality. I love your coloring and linework on this. And I absolutely love the concept of this one. I love that you say that humans are more fragile than plants, it's small allusions like that which make the reader feel worried and desperate for a solution like the characters.
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Thanks! I really enjoy torturing my imaginary people and I'm always glad when other people can enjoy the stories that result from it.
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Is there going to be more of this? The story is very interesting, we haven't seen anything involving plants with science fiction for quite some time. It's really nice that the characters are culturally diverse.
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There might be more in the future. I did a lot of worldbuilding that I didn't get a chance to squeeze into this short. We'll see.

Thanks for the kind words. There not being enough science fiction stories about plants was one of the things that helped me go in this specific direction when I was brainstorming ideas.
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