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Lilia For Nastenka.



Okay, so here's how this works! is really super-cool and draws all of this BEAUTIFUL giftart for everyone she knows, and forever she didn't have a character of her own that everyone could draw back for her to say thanks! FLASHBACK TO LAST WEEK. She drew a character! A really nifty character with an intricate hair thing that I can't recreate!

The good news about this is that We can actually draw art for her now! Yaaaay!

The character's name is Lilia, and that's about all I know about her!

This piece is a HUGE "thank you" for the collab work we've been doing! She recently colored some of my lineart and made it seriously beautiful. Well, you be the judge -> [link]

We have another thing coming up, too! So happy! So cool! So pretty!

If you haven't watched Nastenka yet, you'd better go do it now, she's amazing and somehow has so few hits. It's baffling.
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Okay, so here's the real deal: I am such a lucky lady to have friends that think enough of me and my art to want to draw me things, and plug my gallery and all of that.

That being said, this is SO LOVELY <3s! Such graceful hands and shiny hairs. Also, collaborating with you is big fun, and I'm looking forward to PART DEUX.