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This is a commission. I was asked to draw a modernized, DEMO-esque Dionysus. Pretty cool request, if you ask me. I've been thinking about some crits I've gotten recently, and one of them was that I frequently draw too many lines for folds. I thought I was going to try some more restrained folds in this piece, but apparently I went in the other direction (sorry Tam. Sometime in the future). In my defense, I had just read Frank Quitely's issues of Batman & Robin, and... well... Frank Quitely.


If you guys want something similar, here's my Commission Info.
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This came out awesome man! I'm a big mythology fan and I love your modern-day interpretation of the good ol' good of partying and drunkness!
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Thanks for the kind words!
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Holy shit this is completely gorgeous! What an expression. :horny:
I find that little leopard-print patch really hilarious. ♥
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I actually like the multitude of fold lines. It gives the fabrics more character and texture.
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Mmm yes, looks more God of Fertility than anything.
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Quitely is fine to be influenced by, but I think your style is a lot tighter than his, nice looking guy, though you'd probably have to watch out for the horns!;)
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I would kill to have the kind of loose, fluidity Quitely has. Practice time, I guess.

I tend to stay away from guys with horns, myself.
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Quitely is fab but you have your own thing going
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Now that looks like an awesome god of fertility, drinking, and drugs. XD
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I love the character's expression and pose! Your lines are so clean, this turned out so fabulous.
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If there's any of the Classical gods that should be fabulous, it's Dionysus. Thanks!
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