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Aziel's Unitended Panty Shot.

Well, here's the next in the long line of "let's make my women not look like men!" drawings. I think it's working. Oh, and before you say anything about the eyebrows needing to be thinner for her to look like a woman... she's supposed to have them, because it's a trait she shares with the man who summoned her.

I didn't really expect to be drawing a panty shot, but after I had drawn the body and looked at Aziel's costume, I suddenly knew that I couldn't escape it.

The character was created by for our old comic project Foetus.
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Oh my. Nice, erm, heart. Heehee.
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lol, she's totally NOT my character. My friend has some pretty... um... male ideas? lol
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God, you are such a pervert! I can't believe you and your skanky women! She's pretty hawt, though. BOOBS
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I drew one of my female characters last night. Suffice it to say, she's a tad more conservative with her... everything than Aziel here!

Oh, and she has normalisher sized breasts (dear GOD, Aziel).
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I'm not feeling the eyes and eyebrows, but everything else is dope!
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No one seems to feel them, sadly. There's a plot reason for her having them, though, so I hope that's enough of an excuse to keep her unplucked ( [link] ).
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I guess it's just the overall eyes. They come off as manish and old. But if that's the character, then don't change it. It's quite obvious that you're more than compitant at drawing.
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I enjoy how erotic she's being with that chair. You know how I love furniture.. and boobs.. and panties :heart:
tojisuzuhara's avatar
You just know she'd sell a lot of chairs.
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Maybe you shouldn't us shots of girls in bikini's as reference then... :P
tojisuzuhara's avatar
Maybe I shouldn't draw pictures of girls with their legs wide and open to us, either.
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Yeah, don't do that.
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Way to excessively move away from manlyness in your women. That really convinced us, lol.

Hottt, indeed. Draw more. Of other Aziel version, too.

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You know, I've never been able to draw a version of that one that's satisfied Gendo. I've drawn two satisfactory foetus Aziels, though.
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Cock goes where?
tojisuzuhara's avatar
ace87x's avatar
well, I must say...this definitely doesn't look like a man!

unintended you say? hmph, I know you totally picture it like this before you started! you dirty pervert!
Gendo and I together must have corrupted you.

anyway, very sexy, very sexy indeed.
tojisuzuhara's avatar
This drawing makes me such a homo.
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I thought it was a sign of sexuality, apparently in the opposite direction...
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