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A Russian In the Pacific

A commission for :iconarthurdrakoni: based on this scenario: alternatehistoryweeklyupdate.b…

Essentially, the Russians are more Pacific-oriented with a better Pacific fleet early on, and go on to conquer parts of Qing China, more of the Americas, and take the Philippines from the Spanish in return for Californian coastline. While initially not an incredibly valuable trade, Russia has since built up its little empire of the Pacific, furnishing the Petrines with railways, schools, universities, hospitals, and more. Unlike the Spanish, the Russians sought to integrate the Petrines directly into their territory, creating a Krai out of it and dividing said Krai into three governorates and two oblasts. 

Colonization comes from all over the Russian Empire, with Africans, European Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Turks, Siberians, and Jews all settling in the Petrines and helping to make it truly part of Russia. Just about 70 years after acquiring it, a large amount of the population speaks Russian as a first or second language as both the wealth and population of the Petrines continues to grow.

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Russia finally has a warm water port

It Means That We Use Cyrillic Filipino Instead of Latin (Script) Filipino

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Really wanted to see a sequel to this, the Petrines during the Soviet era.

I have several options for the development of events. 1. After the end of the Civil War in Russia, the Philippines will become an independent state, such as Poland or Finland, and a huge part of the White Guards will flee there. 2. The Philippines is independent after the civil war, but Soviet Russia will be able to regain control over them, after which they will become another republic within the USSR. After the collapse of the country, the Philippines will accordingly become a sovereign state 3. The Philippines secedes, retains independence and joins the comintern, which in the future helps them avoid Japanese occupation during World War II. During the Cold War, something like the Korean or Vietnam War could happen there. After the collapse of the USSR, the Philippines can remain a socialist country as the PRC or the DPRK, or become democratic as European countries. 4. Or Alexander Kolchak will create a white government in the Philippines, which will last until World War II, then there will be a war with Japan. I do not know if the whites will survive, but if not, the Americans will liberate the Philippines, after which they will become their sallelite.

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Would this scenario be feasible with a PoD from a Russian defeat in the Great Northern War? It might force whoever succeeds Peter I to pull back from Europe and focus more on internal development and an earlier eastward expansion. A PoD similar to the map you did.
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I think that could definitely happen and would be a good POD to explore! Having Russia more organically pull back and head east instead of focus west is a very fun idea. :)
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Yeah, but the only thing is, would a PoD in the 1700s be more feasible? Especially since you have the Qing to contend as well.
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I wonder what its GDP would be in 2018
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The Philippines is in the mercy of its nobility, the Northern Half of Luzon would have split away without the 17th-18th century famines.
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1. When did this TL start to diverge from ours? I bet it was Peter The Great living longer and deciding to expand further east as a personal venture, and then the next emperors saw profit in it and continued.
2. What does Europe look like ITTL?
3. Do the US exist here? If so, how much pressure are they placing on Russia to give up their Oregon colony?
4. Is Russian Oregon considered a "wild west" land of sorts? If so, it'd make a good scenario... Imagine, cossacks instead of cowboys, either fighting indians or mingling with them :D
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This was a commissioned map so I really didn't think of the backstory too much. When I'm paid, I do as told. :p

1. That can work, unless the commissioner says otherwise.
2. Again I really don't know, but I assume French-dominated as they'd be the only ones of the time period around the PoD to keep Russia at bay.
3. I assume something akin to the US exists but likely quite a bit weaker as they were not able to take Oregon from Russia.
4. It is indeed the wilder part of the empire and infamous for being a haven of rogues, cheats, and unwanted that come there to make as much money as they can. Think the American West while most of the places were still territories. Even the largest "city" wouldn't be called such by the people of European Russia.
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I'm guessing the POD goes back to the Napoleonic Wars if New Spain survived into the 1850s =P (Razz) 

Awesome map! Worship 
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I'm taking a safer bet at Peter I's rule, due to the time necessary to build a strong navy and to colonise such a far away territory.
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Thank you very much! :) I figured it was a POD around the Napoleonic Wars when making it, hence lack of Baltics and such.
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Thank you! It's like a breath of fresh air after hundreds of maps with dismembered Russia :D
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Thanks for the compliment! I quite like Russia and love the idea of a massive, multi-ethnic Russian Empire so I couldn't resist putting it into this scenario. :)
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I have been translated you comments of map to russian, it's not problem, there is nothing wrong?…
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Not a problem at all, thank you very much! I am honored. :)
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Damn, that file is too large.
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No such thing!
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well, it crashed my laptop so

yeah it kinda is
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That's odd, it doesn't even crash on my phone. And the filesize has to be big to show the full level of detail.
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I wonder how the Russians treat the Somalis, because Russian Sagallo is the best African colony to ever exist, second only to Couronian Gambia.
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OhmyOhmygod!  Will you talk about the Russian Somalia??
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