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Sliced and Stretched

By Toilet-Gnome
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This is a table I did for my final project in 1st year furniture at Sheridan College. The idea behind it is taking a traditional looking table (shaker style) and litterally cutting it in half and pulling it apart exposing all the guts inside. The table part is made of red oak and the inner parts are made of padauk which i carved out with a chainsaw arbour on an angle grinder. It's finished with just a tung oil.
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The idea made me smile :). And on a second look, the tissue looks so organic and non-wooden and bloody, it amazed me even more.
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This is awesome.
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Definitely a conversational piece.. :love:
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Its not much of a table if you spill something but if your on acid its the table to be at! awesome work.
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Love the detailing on the tung ...

I included it in the fav file in Been Touched [link] Let me know if you'd be interested in being part of the group! :)
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great work, well executed!
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Wow, thats a really cool idea!
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That has got to be one of the most innovative pieces I've ever seen done with a basic wood item.

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Double wow, thank you very much! Sorry it took so long to get back to you!
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Too cool... very nicely done
Toilet-Gnome's avatar
Thanks! Sorry it took so long to respond
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Your gorgeous deviation has been featured in :heart: > [link] < :heart: The World Of Art! ~E.
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Wow thank you very much! I really appreciate it!! Sorry it took so long to respond
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Disturbing and wonderful all at once. This little monster would be more than welcome in my parlor. The texture you achieved on the 'guts' is fantastic and makes me desperately want to touch it.
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Haha, little monster, thats a good name for it. It would be honoured to sit in your parlor.... except this one already has a home. Once I can get my own studio this is definately on my to-do list to make some more. Glad you picked up on the grusome vibe I was going for! lol
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Love the charnel feel. I'd love to see it if you create a series of these guys.
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This is amazing, but how did you connect the two different kinds of wood like that? glue or nails? (I forget the other methods of doing such a thing ^^; )
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It's all just glue. Tongue and groove joints to be exact. It's actually a lot simpler than it looks, all the carving gives the impression that it's really complicated. ...just don't tell anyone. lol Thanks!

...sorry it took so long to get back to you
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Lol, okay :XD: That's pretty cool though.

And it's okay ^^
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great crafting, really good work. :thumbsup:
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that is THE coolest shit ever!!!
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