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shadows and waterfire

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old picture taken in Clermont Ferrand, at the Jaude's Place, France
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2871x2316px 2.16 MB
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10/1000 second
Focal Length
42 mm
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Date Taken
Oct 4, 2008, 10:08:56 PM
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I like the contrast between the figures and the fountain, well done! :D
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I'm going around, clicking on random deviations, and I'm asking in each one the same question, so bare with me here:

Why is this piece artistic?
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good question !

it's a very personal question, like beauty, everybody have a different perception of it...
I took it few year ago, I was trying different settings with my camera's friend, and see how is the result...
for one of them, 2 girls where standing in front of me and I was still shooting (I don't remember well)
well you probably don't care about all of it

just I saw this picture few hours ago, and found it very nice, the shadows of the girls and the foutain behind, who looks like lava with the colors...

we can find everything on dA, from everybody who think what he did is probably nice/artistic
I haven't any studio, I haven't any skills on photoshop or other to modify pictures....
when I saw something interesting, I took a picture and try with my Ixus 110IS to have the same thing what I see, sometimes I can't, sometimes it works....

I look on your pictures, there are some who are very beautiful (the sunset !!), and others I think I can ask the same for you, why is this piece artistic ? ;)
because my perception is probably different of yours, I just see a picture, and maybe not the "artistic" thing you want to share

don't take it personaly, if it seems aggressive ;) (I'm French, and sometimes, I don't know if the way I wrote could be interpreted in the same way I was thinking when I wrote it)

and I'm always open to criticism, it's a good way to learn from other and maybe do better work after :)
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Perfect answer. =)

I really do enjoy this piece, artistically. The color of the fountain against the shadow of the two girls is a gorgeous contrast. It's a "full" picture, there's something happening from one end to the other, creating a content composition. It's nice. It really is.

What I'm trying to get at with these random selections and conversations (I think I've commented on 30+ images by now) is to see what other people think of when they're confronted with such a blunt, personal question regarding their art because, as artists, we do have a personal connection to what we create. When someone questions or criticizes what we've done, we'll either defend ourselves or get offended. It's good to see the gears in someone's head turn whenever they're asked with a question so straightforward about something they are so personally attached to. =)

Thank you!
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you're welcome ;)
and thanks for the comment :)

I think the 1st reaction of the most people is to be offended (it was my reaction ^^) and then, I'm asking why this question ?

you may have some very interesting answer sometimes :)
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