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Immersed Seashore Stage 6 by Tohofreak201 Immersed Seashore Stage 6 :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 4 0 God of Nightmares by Tohofreak201 God of Nightmares :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 4 2 Azami Kashiwa by Tohofreak201 Azami Kashiwa :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 5 0 Maria Kashiwa by Tohofreak201 Maria Kashiwa :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 2 0 Katana Tsukikage by Tohofreak201 Katana Tsukikage :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 3 0 Mimicho Tsukikage by Tohofreak201 Mimicho Tsukikage :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 3 0 Touhou OC's - Hitoawa Rakurai (2018 Redraw) by Tohofreak201 Touhou OC's - Hitoawa Rakurai (2018 Redraw) :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 4 0 Adagumo no Masami by Tohofreak201 Adagumo no Masami :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 4 3 Hanekuro by Tohofreak201 Hanekuro :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 2 2 Shirohane by Tohofreak201 Shirohane :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 2 2 Nemutsuki's 1st Anniversary - Haruna Asako by Tohofreak201 Nemutsuki's 1st Anniversary - Haruna Asako :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 4 1 Tensho no Aozora (Spring Attire) by Tohofreak201 Tensho no Aozora (Spring Attire) :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 2 0 Kireina Yamazaru by Tohofreak201 Kireina Yamazaru :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 4 0 Makura Kaitekina by Tohofreak201 Makura Kaitekina :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 3 1 Nemutsuki OC Redraws: Yakimata-sama by Tohofreak201 Nemutsuki OC Redraws: Yakimata-sama :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 2 4 ZUN Style - Yureimaru Mamono by Tohofreak201 ZUN Style - Yureimaru Mamono :icontohofreak201:Tohofreak201 4 1


angel ice the Shiriagari by 450-670-3796 angel ice the Shiriagari :icon450-670-3796:450-670-3796 2 2 Adam Sucker by PaulaLee2697 Adam Sucker :iconpaulalee2697:PaulaLee2697 5 0 Aoiten Chiheisen by Sophietta16 Aoiten Chiheisen :iconsophietta16:Sophietta16 4 5 Taeko Urashima (Last Word) by Sophietta16 Taeko Urashima (Last Word) :iconsophietta16:Sophietta16 4 0 Harakiru Police by PaulaLee2697 Harakiru Police :iconpaulalee2697:PaulaLee2697 2 1 Takimachi Yumeakiru by PaulaLee2697 Takimachi Yumeakiru :iconpaulalee2697:PaulaLee2697 4 0 Wallpaper: Melissa by UnitPosterus Wallpaper: Melissa :iconunitposterus:UnitPosterus 4 0 Hukura No Makurobi by PaulaLee2697 Hukura No Makurobi :iconpaulalee2697:PaulaLee2697 2 0 gift gusmizer's announcement by PaulaLee2697 gift gusmizer's announcement :iconpaulalee2697:PaulaLee2697 2 0 Mimicho by 450-670-3796 Mimicho :icon450-670-3796:450-670-3796 3 2 Haruna by 450-670-3796 Haruna :icon450-670-3796:450-670-3796 4 2 full moon battle by PaulaLee2697 full moon battle :iconpaulalee2697:PaulaLee2697 4 1 Gift - Cassandra by Manaprizm Gift - Cassandra :iconmanaprizm:Manaprizm 10 14 Tama Himeumi (AD Project Style Gift) by Abyssalfury12 Tama Himeumi (AD Project Style Gift) :iconabyssalfury12:Abyssalfury12 8 5 Taeko Urashima : azumaku style by PaulaLee2697 Taeko Urashima : azumaku style :iconpaulalee2697:PaulaLee2697 5 2 Taeko Urashima by Sophietta16 Taeko Urashima :iconsophietta16:Sophietta16 4 2


Activity My Nemutsuki Discord Server is now officially open! Feel free to join! ;D
Immersed Seashore Stage 6
Hello Everyone! Today, i decided that i should do something different for a change. After Seeing Peoples Walfas ideas of what some future Touhou spellcards looked like, I Decided to do the same, but with Sophies Rogen Characters. This is just an Idea of what one of Taeko's spellcards would look like If Rogen Project was actually a game series. The Spellcard is called Turtle Sign "Turtle Shell Barrage". 

P.S: If you wan't to know why Reimu is in this screenshot, there's currently no Delianna Player Sprite so I'm using Reimu as a placeholder.

Rogen Project is Owned by Sophietta16 
Touhou Project is Owned by ZUN
God of Nightmares
Hello Everyone! Today, i bring you another special fanart. It's Sophietta16 's 18th birthday today, so i thought i would surprise her with one of her Favorite Rogen Character, Tobi Takashi! The God of Nightmares!

Happy 18th Birthday Sophie!

Rogen Project is Owned by Sophietta16 
Azami Kashiwa
Hello Again Nemutsuki fans! Here is Big Bad No.2 of 3. This is Azami Kashiwa, the final boss of CVM.

Azami Kashiwa is the one responsible for cursing the entire Human Village as revenge for when she was killed many years ago by a group of villagers after an incident with a schoolkid (Which was actually Maria's doing as revenge for getting bullied) who was cursed and died from the illness later on that day. So they attacked the magic shop which she owned and burned Azami, killing her.

Five years passed by and Maria, received a magic book from an acquaintance that had a spell to bring back the ones you love most from the dead.

Now that Azami has been resurrected and cursed the Human Village, Tsukau and Nagisa must defeat her before the curse kills everyone.

Final Boss:

Name: Azami Kashiwa
Species: Divine Spirit (Former Human)
Abilities: Manipulation of Black Magic
Age: 38,000 Years Old
Occupation: Shop Owner
Location: The Kashiwa Family Magic Shop
Theme: Powerful Dark Evergreen ~ Magic of Sombre

Nemutsuki Project is Owned by Me
Nemutsuki Project is Co - Owned by Team Himawashi

Co Devs Page: Sophietta16 
Hello everyone! After the full official release of Borders Between Worlds, I Have decided to announce Cursed Village Mystery which will feature a brand new cast! This is the soundtrack's plot.

It is spring time in Tsujimura and Tsukau and Nagisa were in the middle of their spring cleaning....

Tsukau: It's been a while since Haruna spirited us away to this place....

Nagisa: I Know! That really was a wild ride fighting our way through Spirits, Celestials, Demons and Gods!

Before Tsukau could even respond, there was a knock on the shrines door. Tsukau rushed over and opened it. Before them stood Haruna who looked....Rather worried. Tsukau asked whatever was the matter. Haruna told the two that a dangerous entity has been resurrected and has put a curse on the Human Village.

Shocked at this, the two decided to set out and put a stop to the culprits doing.

Haruna immediately stopped the two, worried that they too, might get inflicted by the curse. She prepared them with a pair of charms which negates the effect from the curse. The two both thanked Haruna and were both on their way in a flash.

Whilst this all happened, what they didn't notice that one of the perpetrators was eavesdropping in on Haruna's conversation.

With a magic book in hand, she fled the scene racing back to the human village to tell "Her" the news.....


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PaulaLee2697 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hey. I've finally finished drawing for BBW with azumaku style.
Try download all your character.…
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Thank you! they look amazing! I cant wait for more
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do you want to create your oc with shizu project?.
my shizu project is my oc, with a japanese title (シず).
to giving a shizu style with my friends.
you can create a female or male belong a music.
like a species, human, monster, youkai, and angry birds.

with my music theme not LMMS, only your fl studio.
whatever, do not create your friends character of oc and angry birds oc.

thank you.

here is my gallery :…
wodkanna Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017
YO!! thanks for the watch!!
Tohofreak201 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 21, 2017  Hobbyist
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