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Fëanor for Feanore
Second art giveaway winner's request, way back when I got over 1000 followers on tumblr.

Feels like I haven't painted anything in aaaages! This was so much fun.
I tried to keep the "light of Valinor" on his face and in his eyes, as if both were glowing a bit. Also tried to have him look old and harsh but young and beautiful at the same time .__. Not sure if I succeeded at something so ambitious.

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You did keep the light in his eyes. He looks arrogant, as he should be. Very well done!
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I loved watching this piece come together!
this is true art! 
Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ Applaud fella (Reactions) Britney Spears - Sarcastic thumbs up 
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Thank you so much!
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I love this one, very beautiful! :D (Big Grin) 
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Very beautiful!
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Very handsome and dignified :)
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Thank you! Glad that's how he looks :)
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Gorgeous! I think you did great in the "age" of his face. I imagine elves over 2000 to have at least a matured face. Like that of a human in their mid 30s. It annoys me when people draw these incredibly ancient elves looking like 20somethings forgetting or ignoring how old the character actually is
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Thanks! The credit goes to the requester who provided me with their preferred face ref :)
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oh wow, this looks so great
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A lovely rendering.

You really brought out his haughty dickishness, too!
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Haha "haughty dickishness" describes Fëanor so well
And thanks!
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