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The Hunger Games Blu-ray

Please like my facebook page as il probably be posting more regular on there :D…

Blu-ray cover for the amazing Hunger Games.
I made it an R-rated version as id include the footage that was cut to make it a pg13 if i released it :D

Other covers ive made are:

The Amazing Spider-man…

Expendables 2…
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Wow, amazing work... Where I can download this? Please.
Bishop-Of-Balance's avatar
Keep it up man, soon enough your work will catch the eye of Hollywood. Have you applied for work in this field?
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Wow thankyou so much, thats such a huge compliment. I havent, i wouldnt know who to apply to tbh.
Bishop-Of-Balance's avatar
No probs, and I am not sure either
Cinderellarbd's avatar
Wow, amazing work... Where I can download this?Please
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Il have to download the full size cover at some point :)
emilyluvmonkeys's avatar
i seriously thought this was real
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Thankyouu, thats a huge compliment :)
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haha thats awesome! I hope the real one looks something like this (:
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I thought that was real...
You made me sad.
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Awww :( Im sure the real cover will be even better :D
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I'd buy them all :iconheplz:
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Awh thanks, if only i could sell them aha.
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Unfortunately I heard there would be no deleted scenes/etc. =(
I mean, I hope I heard wrong but... someone said the director them self said so.
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Awh really :( We can hope anyways :P
BunniiOrbit's avatar
Yeah, it's what I've heard. =(
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This looks amazing! And about how much footage was cut? I hadn't heard about that.
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I think they cut around 9 seconds of footage so that it got a pg13 rating, doesnt sound like much but im curious to see it :)
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