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Avengers Blu-ray

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Avengers Blu-ray Cover

Edit 23/05/12: Changed the back cover

Other covers:
The Dark Knight Rises:…
Amazing Spiderman:…
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plz post more this types of movies covers

Movies Like -
BATTLESHIP, Journey 2 The Mysterious Island ,Hugo, Avatar, Inception, John Carter, Sucker Punch , The Expendables (2010), 2012, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Unstoppable, The Water Horse Legend of the Deep
Wrath Of The Titans, Legion, Clash Of The Titans , Captain America The First Avenger, Due Date, Faster,
G.I. Joe The Rise Of Cobra, Men in Black 3, CASINO ROYAL BOND-007, Mousehunt, Tropic Thunder ,The Uninvited,
Titanic, Super 8, Shutter Island,

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ups LoL
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Much better than the official covers
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
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No problem, it's true :) They don't even feature Natasha on the cover which is annoying, she's a big part of the movie as well.
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one word hats off.......
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please let this be the real cover xD!
Doriardyn's avatar
your absolutely welcome =D
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I can't wait to get the Avengers on Blu-Ray when it comes out.
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Same, it was such an amazing film.
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Great cover man especially the front! :thumbsup:
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Changed the back, i personally feel it looks better, you?
nokdesigns's avatar
Much better! Great improvements :thumbsup:
The borders make the text much easier to read
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Thanks dude! Appreciate the comment especially after how epic yours is :)
spacer114's avatar
I don't like how the back looks, but the front is cool.
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Changed the back, what do ya reckon?
ToHeavenOrHell's avatar
Thanks and i agree, i may go back and change the back at some point.
BradenLock's avatar
Some assembly required! Hahaha!
RecycledClock's avatar
Some assembly required? How does that work?
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