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A 'Tribute' to CM Punk

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In recognition of his 434 days as champion, hunger games poster style.
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i respect that he's keeping that bling bling spinner belt in his 434 days as champion he gives it more prestige to me i like lot now even whan it's gone now !
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Very, very nice. Yes I said Very 2 times. Deal with it.
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Aha thanks, especially for the two verys :D
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Like him or loathe him, he's probably one of the best things going for professional wrestling right about now... After all, you don't become WWE Champion for over a year without kicking the asses of several would-be contenders and fighting tooth and claw to keep the prestigious prize (Sure he's resorted to cheap tricks a lot of the time, but name me one long-term champion who hasn't. =p)

I even say this as a fan of The Rock since, let's face it, he'll probably go back to making movies after Wrestlemania... Wonderful in his prime, and I love him for how cutting and risqué his promos were, but now nothing more than a publicity stunt. Although the man can still electrify a crowd, without question.

Anyway, before I go off-track, let me say this is a wonderful poster of the man who calls himself "The Best In The World" and arguably backs that claim up. I can't say I like his actions against Undertaker especially concerning the late Paul Bearer (R.I.P), but I'm guessing Undertaker was comfortable with the idea taking place, otherwise it would never have happened. It will set up one "hell" of a clash between the bonafide legend and a man who's on his way there.
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He'll always be the best in the world and raw is gonna be boring til he returns. Its a shame he lost a wrestlemania but the streak is way more important to keep.
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He'll get into his head for the time being and try to make sense of those past events. To tell the truth I barely watch wrestling any more and lately I just check out the results. Hmm... perhaps he could make a move on the World Heavyweight Championship? :iconthinkplz:

And arguably, you're right. The streak is too legendary to end, but I have a feeling it will end at one Wrestlemania with like a Career vs. Career match or something. The Undertaker will mull things over, ask himself whether he's done absolutely everything in the ring and call it a day, perhaps. (Although Heaven forbid John Cena ends the streak, I couldn't even imagine the uproar. :o)
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awesome!! i love the hunger games and i love cm punk!
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ur welcome! anything for a fellow hunger games and cm punk fan!
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