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Spoopy Forest

By tohdraws
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minor update of my speed painting. nothing much. 
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"Could you back up a bit, Mr. Foot? You're out of focus!"

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I thought I could see the creepy form of a semi-transparent creature a bit above the nearest pumpkins and just thought "Oh spoopy" and Bigfoot down there just comes sprinting out at me
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You had me there.  Saw it out of the corner of my eye and when I looked back, I thought I was going crazy.
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Hehehehehe o v o 
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nice pumpkins tho
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lol I scrolled down the page then scrolled back up to see something running. 
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I saw that this was a GIF, and I remembered another one of your forest paintings, so I just kept staring and boom! dark figure :>
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Ooo tall tree- oh my glob something just ran across the screen o.o Hahaha! Nice!
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The blood in my heart did a mini tsunami.
This is really great btw.
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Oh my-! *heart attack*Heart Attack 
Scared That was creepy (we were looking for a monster in the background and then that thing... runs across the trees ._. *shivers*). Btw, the pumpkins are beautiful! This's perfect for October! Congrats man ^_^ it was totally a sorprise! 
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I was staring at the picture looking for your usual spooky hidden detail. I was about to give up thinking you didn't add it this time, when BAM! Creepy shadow runs by. Good job, man! xD
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0.0 Dude! that was creepy as hell didn't expect that! but nice pumpkins.
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Right in deep concentration looking for Thin Man...BOOM!  
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Ogh mang... 2spoopy4me!
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So spoopy it's magnificent

I'd stroll through it...

Like a badass...
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Cool, I like it. :3
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I saw something
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om g 2 spoopy 4 mee
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