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On A Tropical Island...

On a tropical island
underneath the molten lava moon
Hanging with the hula dancers
asking questions cause they got all the answers.

Putting on lotion sitting by the ocean
rubbing it on my body, rubbing it on my body.

Get me out of this cave
cause it's nothing but a gladiator grave
And if I stick to the plan
I think I'll turn into a lava man
I think I'll turn into a lava man

- Lyrics from Rebecca Sugar for Adventure Time
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The work of the light in the wave is amazing, great job !!!
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It's awesome!! Is it free to use? I would need a beach landscape for a flash game I'm working on :D
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I almost can feel the water..great work!
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I really like this picture, particularly the rock spires.  Anyone else think that this looks like a scene that a character would wake up to in a story after losing their memory?
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This is incredible, I want to jump in that water and doggie paddle over to those rocky spires.
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Muito, muito, muito bonita a paisagem..
I love everything happening here, this image is exactly what I think Jake was visualizing while he was singing!
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This is pretty btw:3
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she's the best...i love this song!
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That is so beautiful!!:iconiloveyouplz:
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tropical scenes are the best
love it
nice motion
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ADVENTURE TIIMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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That's so beautiful. I love how you did the rolling waves, it's almost like I'm there.
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There is a sort of simultaneous flatness and depth to this image. I find it rather pleasing to look at, particularly the gradients between the greenness of the water and the warm tones in the sand. You're quite skilled at capturing these peaceful and lonely moods. Great job!
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Man this is amazing, just makes me wanna get out of my house and go to the beach definitly you're my fav artist in all deviant
This is pretty good.
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Moment of zen. :D Just got back from an overly tiresome workout, and this... looks so, so relaxing, puts my mind at ease. Also it reminds me of the western parts of Norway, which I haven't seen in over a decade. XD So thank you for this beautiful picture.
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they also look like ships, i would like to see you draw something similar with ships instead, i think you can do it.
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DAAAMN thats nice ;; How do you learn to do these? Obviously form life but I cant picture a laptop on a beach!
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