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Nohkan Mask Party

By tohdraws
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A ghostly Japanese Noh mask party. Not all are human though. This took some hell of a time to color.

Inspired from the song by Monkey Majik feat. Yoshida Brothers - Change!

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First time i've seen this @_@ OMG... amazing @_@ 
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Loving how there's different type of mask wore by individual hiding their identity. So mysterious and creepy.
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I love how you included the tengu and ogre masks as well!
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unknown fox mask was a kind?
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Gostei desse estilo de arte é realmente bom.
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The second I saw this pic It instantly reminded me of Monkey Majik best pic ever!!!! Keep up the good work
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Kazuma Ace M  is claiming to have made this along with a bunch of other people's art. not sure what all we can do, but i feel an artist should be recognized for their work. i love your art, and i'm sorry people still think it's okay to boast over art they took from another and refuse to credit. everyone else's work can be seen on his timeline, along with Spike Thepandadog's timeline since she also posted other's work as her own. they've started to crop people's signatures out and add their own signatures. it just makes me feel disgusted. thank you for your time.
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Thats one pretty badass picture :D And also thanks for the song, really like that one too x)
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Nice job, i love the coloring
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Nothing To say, my new wallpaper for the day (yes I have one wallpaper by day :smile: )
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The lighting is probably one of my favorite things about this picture.

Just looking at this I can hear Monkey Majik playing inn my head.
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I like the little gal on the left. :3
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im pretty new at anything related to japanese or chinese art, so im just wondering, whats the name of these masks? their so facinating *_*

great picture! it made me speachless, youre amazing!
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Congrats on the Daily Deviation!

This really does make me crave a backstory. And do I spy a fox mask on the woman 4th from the left? That could be something....

THE LEGEND OF THE MASKS.................
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I freaking love this! The atmosphere and structure/composition, the group set up. This demands a story behind it!
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Awesome! Lol. Reminds me of Naruto's Anbu Black Ops. They wear these kool masks too. :3
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So stylish:)I love it!
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One ? That always pops up in my head is..who r the awesome faces behind those awesome masks...I love this!
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Just absolutely cool.
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Very mysterious and cool atmosphere.... I like how the focus isn't on any of the characters in particular; they're all interesting to look at, without being overwhelming.
And I love the colours! :heart: Awesome overall!
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