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Family Fighter Game

By tohdraws
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Day 7 Challenge: Your family or one family member.

I'm a day behind this one. :(

My inspiration and influences for these recent stuff comes from senpai Sachin Teng; check his work out! :iconcontraomnes:

By the time I finish his challenge, I hope to gain a little bit of knowledge through his works and what makes them tick.
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siempre escojo el misterioso jugador
LinkNZeldaForever's avatar
Holly crap it is in colour! :squee: Where was this when I was younger? =D
nextavatar's avatar
I LOVE this. Bring back memories for me, I used to play on the GBA alot XD
Also, I love how the switch is on off XD
Alberthein1's avatar
Awesome sauce stuff you make. I'm sure I've already seen some of your stuff in the past...
Nice interpretation too to this one...
One thing though; according to the shuffle button, it's off at the moment.
Though trough some mysterious force, it's still operative :I
I know for sure 'cause I had one myself...
RyeNGin's avatar
Is this challenge anywhere for other people to try?
ArchaicEphony's avatar
i have that exact same color gbc. very pretty green. this is awesome
therealarien's avatar
Yay! GBC! That's a neat challenge
Romuluspixels's avatar
this one sure is creative
Solocell's avatar
you have really nice ideas about how to display the different themes. i like that
Jacob-Cross's avatar
Ah... that good old days playing the gameboy colour -w-
GumdropGhost's avatar
I'm sorry, I love your art, but it seems like you've been emulating :iconcontraomnes: style completely as of late. At first looking in my inbox I thought it was his work!
Please at least acknowledge the inspiration..
tohdraws's avatar
You're right, I should acknowledge my senpai more. Will do on further posts of the challenge. thanks!
GumdropGhost's avatar
Thanks for responding! On that note, keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more ^^
GumdropGhost's avatar
On view of your journal I suppose you have.. but not entirely. It just doesn't sit well..
PhanThom-art's avatar
had one in exactly this color as a kid :D Unfortunately I gave it to my little brother as a birthday present once and he then lost it -_-
angeliIy's avatar
8D That's the exact same color I have.
VictorHugo's avatar
very nostalgic, loved the colors :)

I still keep my GameBoy safe and working.
bionic-hobo's avatar
this this the same color as mine C:
Gearyu's avatar
Love this xD <3 Even more so since i had this color gameboy xD
tiakaneko's avatar
What a cute idea and illustration!
Imogen00's avatar
Haha that's pretty cool :D
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