Forest of Liars

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By Tohad
Hi everyone !

Here comes the trailer of Forest of Liars, the first game of our studio Umeshu Lovers :
We still have lots of things to reveal and present during the next few days.
Don't hesitate to share this video and to tell me what you think about it. Please watch it in 1080p and 60 fps !

Let me know if you have any questions and you can already follow us on twitter : 
and facebook :…

NightStranger1080pjpg by Tohad
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ardnaexela's avatar
wow, this looks really great.
GB39's avatar
wow, it's very good
nixaz's avatar
Love it! Can't wait ;)
sealbatross's avatar
The trailer is so adrenaline inducing XD
Tohad's avatar
Glad you like it! Thank you!
JBF1's avatar
J'adore l'ensemble, rajouter un peu d'animation et je croirais à un animé en dvd en devenir. (Quoi les DVD ca n'existe plus ?)
Tohad's avatar
Merci ^^ On vient de recruter un animateur pour les personnages, on a de belles choses à montrer très bientôt !
JBF1's avatar
Huhu, bonne nouvelle donc ^^
Phoenix450's avatar
Aaa this looks awesome! I'm excited to find out more about the game too :D
Tohad's avatar
Glag you like it! Thank you
Phoenix450's avatar
small-light's avatar
Stunning images! love the music as well it really fits
Tohad's avatar
Thank ! YOu can discover the soundcloud of CloZee here :
GenJoany's avatar
asdfghf This looks beautiful! ;q;
Tohad's avatar
Nestly's avatar
Very pretty. I’m curious to see what this is all about!
Tohad's avatar
Assya-Paloma's avatar
Le visuel est magnifique et la musique le valorise encore plus.
Je suis trop fan
Super bon boulot!
Tohad's avatar
Merci ^^ Oui Clozee nous a réalisé des musiques magnifiques !
Assya-Paloma's avatar
Oh mon dieu! Clozee! Pas étonnant que la musique m’aie si plu!
Llythium-art's avatar
ça a l'air superbe, j'attends vraiment d'en voir plus, mais rien que le trailer avec la musique et la beauté des décors, ça donne des frissons !
Shadowarr's avatar
Nuice! Can't wait to see the gameplay.
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