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Winnie the pooh BADASS

By Tohad
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Winnie l'ourson, ce brave ursidé un peut déviant, inaugure une nouvelle série de fanarts qui fera office de calendrier de l'avant sans chocolat pour le mois de décembre. J'ai décidé de faire muter les mignons personnages de notre enfance afin de les rendre un peu plus badass pour élargir leur public. J'espère que Disney me remerciera autrement qu'en m'envoyant une horde d'avocats pour me tabasser à coups d'attaché-cases et de code pénal.
J'ai déjà une liste de patients à faire muter de la même façon tel que les maléfiques télétubies ou Denver le dernier dinosaure, mais si vous avez d'autres idée de personnages iconiques à passer aux mixer de ma tablette graphique, je suis preneur !

the Pooh inaugurates a new series of fanarts. I decided to mutate the cute characters from our childhood to make them a little more badass to expand their audience. I hope Disney thank me
otherwise by sending me a horde of lawyers to beat me shots briefcases and criminal code.
I have a list of patients to be mutated in the same way as the teletubbies or Denver the last dinosaur, but if you look at other iconic characters to mix with my graphics tablet, I'm interested!

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You keep using that word, I don't it means what you think it means.
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What are you talking about? What do mean "not what you think it means"

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He took a character and put a dark twist on it, that can be cool, but doesn't exactly mean it's "BADASS". and he's done this several more times.

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So your saying the series name makes 0% sense right?

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I looked it up the word and your kinda right. The series name makes no sense usually but do you like the series?

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I think of the images in this series are cool, I liked the Buzz Lightyear and Megaman ones. Overall though, I can't say.

Artwork that takes dark twists on childhood characters hasn't really been my thing.

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Winnie the Pooh........ For Adults :)
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Heia I found this shirt on web and to instantly think of you…
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what da hell????Emoticon: Idk what I'm watching Motion controler WTF! -fella-(messages) NickYoung Confused Meme 
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Je me souviens avoir déjà vu ce dessin autre part sur internet !
Hasard fou que de retrouver l'auteur sur deviantART ^^
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Christopher Robin RIP!
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Christopher Robin learned the hard way that spray-painting and putting a shirt on a grizzly bear is never a good idea. Sinister Nod  
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I have to admit that I love this.
It's Winnie the Pooh but is the leg Christopher Robin's?
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The amount of realism in this picture is TOO DAMN HIGH!
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O.O that there is a job well done!
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Well, there goes my childhood.
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