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Ronald McDonald BADASS

By Tohad
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FR : Il met ses jouets dans la nourriture, s'habille d'un pyjama jaune et a toujours un sourire maléfique sur les lèvres, non ce n'est pas votre petit cousin de trois ans, mais Ronald McDonald !
Depuis que la célèbre franchise de fastfood a décidé de changer sa communication de couleur rouge pétard par une teinte verte branchouille, ce barjot de Ronald a été relégué aux cuisines en tant que préposé au ketchup et il fait les chose à sa manière... Les menus happy meal contiennent désormais des petites scies circulaires pour les garçons, des mines antipersonnelles parfumées à la fraise pour les filles et du cyanure à mettre dans le soda du grand-père pour faire du repas un joyeux évènement !

He puts his toys in food, dresses in yellow pajamas and still has an evil smile on his lips, no it is not your three years cousin, but Ronald McDonald!
Since the famous fastfood franchise has decided to change the red color by green, that psycho Ronald was relegated to kitchens as attendant ketchup and made ​​the thing in its own way ... Happy meal menus now contain small circular saws for boys, landmines scented strawberry for girls and cyanide to put in the grandfather's soda to make the meal a joyous event!

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Ah haha, I hear many rumors/myth Ronald Donald made burger out of humans meat.

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EleonoirelarenardHobbyist General Artist
Fuck you'll never have my pennywise head nice but here's what ketchup was
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JanelleMeapProfessional Digital Artist
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TheGfleetHobbyist Filmographer
Welp that's were McDonald's ketchup comes from :o
Pinupmeister's avatar
PinupmeisterProfessional Filmographer
What did Grimace ever do to piss of Ronald?
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pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Stole all his milkshakes and cokes, that's what
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lol this is epic
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This wouldn't happened to be inspired by RackaRacka?
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Puker41349Student Traditional Artist
It has to be 100℅
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lordmalishun's avatar
... I KNEW IT!
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ramiruchoideStudent General Artist
childhood ruined
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SergeantPantherHobbyist Digital Artist
Why so serious?
g0thi-cr0c's avatar
g0thi-cr0cHobbyist General Artist
PETA anyone?
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ArtsyBalletFreakHobbyist General Artist
this is strangely amusingXD
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LeeanixProfessional Digital Artist
This is great. Nice way to see Ronald get his aggression out.
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Honnetement, Ronald a toujours été comme ça !
SoveriegnofTruth's avatar
More like psychopath
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DeathWatlz666Hobbyist Digital Artist
Je ne veux même pas savoir ce qu'il peut bien y avoir dans la viande de leur hamburger XD
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RichDXtreme247Hobbyist General Artist
As what the Tourettes Guy would say: RONALD McGODDAMN DONALD!!
Fiolee4ever136's avatar
Fiolee4ever136Student Traditional Artist
I always suspect him ALL THE TIME, HE IS HORRIBLE
Dragonrider1227's avatar
That's just scary .__. Although it would explain why we haven't seen them in the ads in a long time
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Did you ever see that french video, a horror short, where the guy is trying to flee from Ronald Mcdonald, who is like some kind of vampire? I don't remember what it was called. But spoiler alert, Ronald gets him and eats him in the end. Ronald looks too cute in this picture though. He needs to look more like the leprechaun in the movie leprechaun, all grizzled, wrinkly and deformed, not so smooth and perky.
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Edie13Hobbyist General Artist
Il me fait penser à "Ça" de Stephen King ... 
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