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The game ended up pretty boring to "play" with the puzzles being easy and it just mostly being a walking simulator but the visuals were fantastic, I really like the design of the ruins, only the robot seemed kinda disappointing
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Rime was depressing af, unlike this
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This looks amazing.
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wonderful, amazing work~! 
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I love the color palette is so warm.
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it makes me feel ready for an adventure in a wonderful world!
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Just Amaaaaazing !!!
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I loved that colors
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so beautiful!!
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Beautiful work!
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I saw the word "Rime" and thought of the easter egg world revealed at the end of Realmyst.  ...looks like I wasn't so far off.  Looking forward to it.
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So beautiful!  I really would like to be there!
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i wanna hug this and yourself
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such a beautiful fanart !
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this is outstanding :D the lighting is so incredible!
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The use of colours are gorgeous and well-planned!
Really nice use of nature and outdoors, too! The focal point of the painting really works too !
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The colors and lighting are absolutely amazing in this!
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As beautiful as always, sir!
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