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Rapunzel BADASS

By Tohad
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FR : Elle peut faire tout ce qu'elle veut avec ses cheveux, ce n'est pas Lady Gaga mais Raiponce !
Avoir de beaux cheveux longs blonds est le rêve conformiste de beaucoup de petites filles, mais un cauchemar pour le coiffeur de Raiponce qui a trouvé dans sa chevelure un écosystème comprenant de nouvelles formes de vies parasitaires. Après un examen poussé de la princesse à cheveux long, la cause de sa capillarité exceptionnelle a été trouvée : Raiponce mange chaque matin un bol d'engrais avec son jus d'orange.

ENG : She can do whatever she wants with her hair, this is not Lady Gaga but Rapunzel!
Have beautiful long blond hair is the conformist dream of many little girls, but a nightmare for the
Rapunzel's hairdresser who found  in her hair ecosystem including new forms of parasitic lives. After an extensive review of the princess long hair, because of its outstanding capillary was found: Rapunzel eat a daily bowl of fertilizer with her orange juice.

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Have you tried doing "Steven Universe" Badass?

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Can anyone explain to me why the hell rapunzel looks like that!? she looks like the grudge or the ring basically both!

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In the version of the cannon, Repunzel is a silent recluse who's a bit creepy.
MEGAPOTAMIA325's avatar
Why does she look like a zombie
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   This reminds me of the movie, "The Ring" as well as "Ju-on".
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If Disney made "The Ring"
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It's the girl from The Ring, hello again.
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When Sadako and Kayako fuse, Rapunzel borns.
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just like that.Creepy stare 
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Flynn's face is just hilarious
WickidlyStrange13's avatar
Reminds me of the Ring or the Grudge.
SPECTRE1993's avatar
Sadako Yamamura or Kayako Saeki?
"Seven days" or "(Crooooaaaaaak!)"
AzalieFinrandi's avatar
Oh my god! I had this idea FOREVER of a japanese horror retelling of this fairy tale, this is PERFECT.
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you should write a story on Deviant or WattPad!! that eould be cool 
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je dois pas être le seul à te le dire mais on dirait samara du film "the ring" ^^ 
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I want to see this as an actual film
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Wow, so badass ! But a little bit creepy... 
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으히힉힉힉힉힉힉힉힉힉힉힉힉힉힉 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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Is it me? or does Rapunzel looks like Samara from the ring?
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In Fairest comics Rapunzel was the dead looking girl crawling from the well
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The exorcist Raiponce ? lol
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