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Neighbors of Chaos 04 English

By Tohad
Hello, here is the English version of my comic "neighbors of chaos" : [link]
The translation was made by my friend Danielle Stonehirsh, and I thank her very much for her help ! She's also an author, I am so completely confident about the translation.
I am glad that the English can finally read the first pages, the following happen very soon in the week. I look forward to your first comment!
You can read the full version here: [link]

If you enjoy the comics, please take a look on facebook! : [link]

Sorry for my poor english :p
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© 2010 - 2021 Tohad
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That Artemus is really a jerk. But the art is gorgeous! :worship:
Tohad's avatar
Haha yes, Artemus is a jerk, but he can be gentle some times with ... him :D
Thank you very much !
SilverLady7's avatar
You´re welcome. Any chances of translating the rest of the comic? I´m very curious!
Tohad's avatar
Yes, the new pages in english coming this week !
SilverLady7's avatar
whitty-boo's avatar
loll i want my laugh to be "mouhahahaha" XD
HellsPlumber's avatar
Love the comic so far =)

Just thought I should mention, in the 2nd to last panel it says "What do you we do now" which doesn't seem right =P
BlackThornRose's avatar
I'm glad someone else caught this mistake too :)
eydii's avatar
woahhh very nice....I love :love: this comic book style:heart:
Tohad's avatar
thank you very very much :hug:
Cofficremebrulee's avatar
I like the guy in the yellow's hair! :D
Tohad's avatar
You talk about artémus ? [link]
Thank you for your reading !
Cofficremebrulee's avatar
Haha, no. I was talking about the guy who is bald except for a few hairs on his head (in the yellow sweatjacket) But Artémus has very cool hair, too =P
LadyOfTheRealm's avatar
HAhaha!! freakin' hilarious :D
Tohad's avatar
Cool thank you very much ! I'm glad you, like it !!
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