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Neighbors of Chaos 01 English

By Tohad
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Hello, here is the English version of my comic "neighbors of chaos."
The translation was made by my friend Danielle Stonehirsh, and I thank her very much for her help ! She's also an author, I am so completely confident about the translation.
I look forward to your first comment!
You can read the pages in order here: [link]

If you enjoy the comics, please take a look on facebook! : [link]

Sorry for my poor english :p
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© 2010 - 2021 Tohad
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GL-ZOON's avatar
Please check out my page... I'm starting my own comic too!!! :D
Anael-AnChi's avatar
Oh mon dieu la chaussure! (J'ai dut me plier de rire tellement c'était débile et en même temps super original)
Tohad's avatar
Ha merci ^^ Tu sais que la version française est dispo ici :) :
Anael-AnChi's avatar
Cool! Je vais directement me mettre à lire la suite! :heart:
Tohad's avatar
J'espère que tu apprécieras ^^ Je viens en plus de poster un nouvel épisode :)
Anael-AnChi's avatar
j'ai fini le premier chapitre, et je peux te dire que je ne me lasse point de l'action et de l'histoire :love: chaque case a été traité avec soin et j'adore le style en tout cas
LunatheUmbreon78's avatar
Woah! Trop cool! :iconimhappyplz: Et je sais que c'est un peu tard mais: Congrats on your Daily Deviation! :iconletmehugyouplz:
Tohad's avatar
ha mais je te remercie !
AgataKa19's avatar
omg this page is crazy, i love it XD
Tohad's avatar
Thank you Agata !
I hope you'll lie the next pages ^^
AuroraArt's avatar
So... amazing...
Tohad's avatar
Sorry for my late reply, but thank you very much!
AuroraArt's avatar
It's all good! Lol You're welcome. ^_^
MichaelSchwob's avatar
Great work! How did you do the lettering?
Tohad's avatar
I draw it with this website ^^ : [link]
MichaelSchwob's avatar
Alright! Thank you and I will check it out!
aibite's avatar
This is great, but I think I'll continue to read it in French. Gotta find some way to sharpen up my french language skills before next semester :D
Tohad's avatar
KuroSukeruton's avatar
Huh? A size nine shoe in space? Ok, I'm so reading this!
Tohad's avatar
It's late, but I'm happy ! my comic is now fully translated ! : [link]
KuroSukeruton's avatar
YAY! Haha, it's great!I love it!
Cisol's avatar
Why are only the I's lowercase?
Sorry for the irrelevant question...
Tohad's avatar
It is a mistake, I'll fix that, you do well to let me out!
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