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Mars Pop Downtown

ENG : Artwork for Mars Pop, a video game from Outfit7 ( ).
They had given me the task of imagining a futuristic city, utopian and cartoon. It was a real challenge to invent a new form of urban plannin.
FR : Artwork réalisé pour le jeu Mars Pop de Outfit7. ( )
On m’avait confié la tâche d’imaginer une ville futuriste, utopique et cartoon. Ce fut un véritable challenge d’inventer une nouvelle forme d’urbanisme bâtiments par bâtiments. Je partagerais d’autres concepts issus de ces recherches prochainement !

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Marvelous work, like something out of a movie!
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 I like all the details in this drwing! it is all so clean and the colours are vibrant.

 Keep up the great work!
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Woaw ! J'adore, c'est TROP BEAU !!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Cette ville super futuriste, j'adore j'adore j'adore !!!!!!! :love:
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Awesome Work!
This is kind of cool  :)  I like the combination of green white and blue mixed with the late afternoon light.  A great combo for a good design.
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"Stunning" is the right word to say
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oh my gosh
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That's beautiful like my imagination or Tomorrowland.
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How long did it take to concept and put it all out?
Assuming mars' core isn't alive:
Btw for a futuristic look based on mars, you want to take in the fact that mars is farther from earth, so how are they getting heating.
Most people make futuristic building white, idky they do, but if mars were to have white buildings it would be even colder and even more uninhabitable, Black/white buildings would be far more interesting and realistic because Black absorbs and holds more heat, Mars in order to survive without a living core like earths would need a lot more surface heat in order to maintain life.
Also if the core isn't alive, bye bye civilization, hello radiation and solar winds.

Btw, great concept, really beautiful.
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it's more likely that this is a city contained under a dome, where the conditions are regulated and suited for humans.
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Or it could have been terraformed it would only take a few hundred years.
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Way better than me :O
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Wow! Your use of color and arrangement of space are brilliant and make the entire setting look like a clean energy city - and so appealing! I can't stop looking at the details, from the half-transparent holograms to the intricate shades on the trees and buildings. Even the "scribbles" on the windowpane of the far right tower fit with the rest of the piece. I would absolutely LOVE to see a futuristic movie with your art, because it'd be the type that would stay in my dreams for a very long time. I really hope someone can take you up on that or you'll agree to something like that, because your work is incredible
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very nice work !

regards Bernd
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Your art is breath-taking! Magnificent work!
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Utopian indeed - we need some real cities like this. Seems like they have embraced green living too by the looks of it :la: It's too bad organic-shaped buildings like these never took off in the real world like people in the past expected them too :shakefist:
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i want to live here!  Clap 
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Maybe in few years :D
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i ll be waiting! ))
merry christmas!
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