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FRENCH : Il a les cheveux gris et il aime les gitanes, non ce n'est pas Serge Gainsbourg mais Frollo envouté par la belle Esméralda.

Habitué à fuir sur les toits de paris les assauts libidineux du bossu de Notre-Dame, Esmeralda a été remarquée et engagée par un ordre secret luttant contre le harcèlement sexuel. Esméralda a maintenant régulièrement pour mission de faire disparaitre discrètement les plus gros pervers de la capitale tels que Dominique Strauss Khan ou George Tronc. La cible finale étant évidement Claude Frollo, l'archidiacre aux mains collantes.

Je rappelle qu'il me reste encore quelques exemplaires de l'album des Badass Cartoons et c'est par ici pour le commander !

Ha oui et lundi soir prochain c'est le 43ème Café Créa à La Cantine Toulouse, avec des effets spéciaux Hollywoodiens au menu !

ENGLISH : He has gray hair and loves gypsy, no it is not Serge Gainsbourg but Frollo captivated by the beautiful Esmeralda.
Accustomed to flee on the roofs of paris after libidinous assaults from the hunchback of Notre Dame, Esmeralda was noticed and hired by a secret order fighting against sexual harassment. Esmeralda now regularly mission is to quietly disappear the biggests perverts in the capital such as Dominique Strauss Khan. The final target is obviously Claude Frollo, the archdeacon with sticky hands.

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RoseStarDragonMP3's avatar
Esmeralda's revenge!
 It's true my sisters and brothers!!
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Coop Esmeralda
EmeraldArtist95's avatar
I wish the Assassin's Brotherhood existed in the film. No doubt they would've assassinated Frollo sooner than the film itself.
STEAMHOUND60's avatar
Nothing is true everything is premitted
ShitdrawingShitpostr's avatar
Il l'a bien mérité, le mec. J'ai toujours détesté Frollo.
cloudguy235's avatar
Still like Frollo better.
b-radsorad's avatar
Yes queen slay XD
weeya1's avatar
Thank God!!!! Vie va Revulsion!!!!

*did I say that right?*
mlpfan212's avatar
Esmeralda ftw frollo ftl
Xanness's avatar
Yeah girl! Kill that pervert!
randomperson35's avatar
Beware perverts you will dieXD
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plutoperson's avatar
I want to play an Assassin's Creed game with her as the main character.
AzalieFinrandi's avatar
Sick. Now I am sad we'll never get to see it animated.
Given what Disney's Modo was shown being able to do and how close the Assassin and Templar are to the christian church, she would be in (or at least know of) the creed. Hell(fire), AC Unity had  a Court of miracles of it's own.

Though, i do appreciate that Ubisoft limits the fiction to the forefather stuff and doesn't put (know to be) fictional characters in.
Feelingforart's avatar
Perv had it coming
spiderhog500's avatar
esmeralda's creed
Richiewolf's avatar
Asshole had it coming
DesconocidoAMARILLO's avatar
Jamie1317's avatar
She's like an Assassin. LOVE IT! Just actually imagine that movie with two women (Quasi & Esmeralda) instead.
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