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By Tohad
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FR : L'odeur de la poussière de craie, les graffitis d'organes reproducteurs sur les murs, les chewing-gums collés sous les tables, les traces de semelles sur le sol, les taches d'humidité au plafond, les extincteurs rouillés, le grincement des chaises inconfortables, l'équerre cassée dans le sac après une bagarre, le ronronnement du cours dans la salle à coté, les tâches d'encre dans le dos du professeur, la calculette qui n'a plus de piles, les photocopies froissées au fond du sac, et toutes ces choses que l'on a le temps de compter lorsque l'on est collé.
L'illustration du jour est plus ou moins lié au Voisins du Chaos, mais pour un projet dans un futur lointain que j'espère un jour pouvoir développer.

The smell of chalk dust, graffiti reproductive organs on the walls, chewing gum stuck under tables, traces of shoes on the floor, water stains on the ceiling, fire extinguishers rusty, squeaking uncomfortable chairs, bracket broken in the bag after a fight, the hum of the course in the next room, the ink stains on the back of the teacher, the calculator has no batteries, the crumpled photocopies bottom of the bag, and all these things that we have time to count when you are in dentention.

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Great picture, amazing! Could I include this image with your reference on a title slide of a presentation I'm giving at my school to motivate our teachers to look at using tech in their teaching? Thanks, Will
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it makes me miss my classes when I was a studentWaaaah! Waaaah! 
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Ahhhh I love it :DD
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Nice artwork, i like the contrast in it. my only complaint is that i feel that the light spilling out from the windows aren't as bright as they should be like a glare which will further increase the contrast in the artwork. Like visible curtains of lights coming from the windows. Other than that, good job!
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So beautiful!! Is there a wallpaper version anywhere? Would be wonderful as such
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A guy who prefers to think alone, without the class. A hidden unrealized genius. If I get that image right. Thanks for sharing!
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Bon Tohad, je crois que tu fais vraiment partit de ma liste des dessinateurs que j'admire ..
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Merci bien je suis flatté :)
Je vais continuer de pouvoir craner à mon atelier ^^
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Haha , au service !
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thank you ^^
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This work is awesome. I was inspired to recreate this scene in 3d with credit given to you for the artwork. Is that okay with you? 
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yeah ok, but ONLY for a student project :)
(and don't forget the link and to send me the result :) )
Thanks, its def just a personal project. I want to see if I can capture the feeling. I posted the link as well. You can check out my progress here.…
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My class ! huhu good stereotipic pics
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thank you ^^
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Very lovely piece. :-)
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