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Buzz Lightyear BADASS


FR : "Persuadé d'être être un héro alors qu'il n'est qu'un jouet manipulable", ce n'est pas la description classique des candidats de télé-réalité mais celle de Buzz l’Éclair !
Après dix ans de thérapie chez son psychiatre à tête de lego, Buzz a fini par admettre son identité de figurine en plastique articulée. Mais malgré les nombreux anti-dépresseurs qu'il ingurgite, ses traumatismes virtuels de guerre interstellaires viennent hanter ses cauchemars et lui provoque des certains pétages de plombs l'amenant parfois aux meurtres de ses compagnons de coffre à jouet.

Ha oui, et au cas où vous l'auriez loupé, un second épisode de Super Picture Land est disponible depuis ce week-end !

"Convinced to be a hero when he is only a manipulable toy", this is not the classical description of candidates from reality TV but Buzz Lightyear!
After ten years of therapy with his ​​psychiatrist, Buzz finally admitted his identity articulated plastic figurine. But despite the many anti-depressants he swallows, his trauma haunt his nightmares and it causes seizures sometimes causing the murders of his friends from toy box.

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Hey, Guess What?

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new doom game looks interesting
TheDieHardFalconsFan's avatar
Rip and tear to infinity and beyond
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When Buzz Lightyear add to dlc skin

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He look like halo modded.
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What Happened To The alien eaten By The baby From 24 Hours with a newborn baby? Or Shot
Tjman461's avatar
That poor alien
Fella5133's avatar
MayBe it got attacked By The Baby From 24 Hours with a newborn baby  I guess
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Hell, Its About Time...
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I Had To Because Now I Got The Referance
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Um.. The Lgms aren't supposed to be evil Y'know..
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If Marcus Fenix and Buzz Lightyear were the same person
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This actually inproves my chilhood instedad of ruining it :)
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Buzz: Gimme sumth'n ta shot!
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I guess it got attacked by the baby from 24 Hours with a newborn baby
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mass effect much?
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I think starcraft for some reason.
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