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Back to the Future 4 : the journey

By Tohad
New part of the concept art I made for the new Back to the Future after almost 30 years of absence. For those who asked me previously, yes, Biff Tannen will be in the movie!

FR : 
Un autre extrait de la série de concept art que j'ai réalisé pour le prochain opus de Retour vers le Futur après presque 30 ans d'absence. Pour ceux qui me l'ont demandé précédemment, oui Biff Tannen sera de la partie mais je ne suis pas au courant du casting complet du film.

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Mandatory conditions:

Be a 4th movie. NOT a remake!

Drag back as much of the original cast as is still alive.

Brent Spinner has a main role. Not as a villain.

Bill Skarsgård as Biff junior.

Explain why Doc named his kids after Jules Verne, and not HG Wells.

Clara needs to still be Doc's wife. Not divorced or dead!

Marty and Jennifer are still married and have kids.

Time machine by The Click 5.

Do not hide Micheal's Parkinson's.

The future is portrayed with 1940s levels of outlandish hopefulness.

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Doc - Marty welcome to the 2065 Hill Valley. Our arrival time is January 5 2065 from Dec 24 1990.

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really hope that happenes
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I think i just had a huge orgasm. Or a stroke. I'm not sure.
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My favorite film!!! Amazing fan art! La la la la Clap Meow :3 
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I love your art of the future, lols great job.
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"Where we're going, we don't need roads."
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this looks awesome, everything from colours to perspective :D
Tohad's avatar
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Wait...did you work on Back to the Future?
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Sorry, it was my 2017 April fool :)
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This is beautiful!  I love the cityscape, and the lightning effects.  Very pretty.
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Your art is GREAT! I saw it for the first time on Artstation. But... where is Mr. Fusion? It's part of the concept too?
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omg this shit is soooo good!!!!!!!
Batraxid's avatar
how could I get this picture tho?
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WOW! Those colours and light makes it look so epic! Great perspective too
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Ah, mais vont-ils réutilisé joué avec les anciens films ?
En tout cas, joli travail !
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Magnlfique! :love:
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hâte de voir ;)

Je voudrais te de mander un truc c'est pour les immeubles, tu les a peints ou c'est du montage?
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