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Ariel the little mermaid BADASS

By Tohad
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FR : Elle nage très vite et fait des bulles quand elle parle, non ce n'est pas Laure Manaudou mais Ariel la petite sirène.
Ariel est un personnage tellement connu qu'il est plus utile de présenter son univers en chanson !

♫ Sous l'océan, sous l'océan, ♪
Y a pas d'oxygène,
De vilaines murènes,
De méchant poissons,
Beaucoup trop de pression. ♪

♫ Piqué par une raie manta,
Les requins te mangent les bras,
On s’asphyxie, on fait des bulles,
Sous l'océan !

Sous l'océan ! ♫
Sous l'océan !
Sous l'océan ! ♪
Y'a des cadavres d'enfants !

♫ La mort est super,
Mieux que sur la terre, je te le dis.
Oui, je te le dis ! ♪

♫ Par embolie ou arrêt cardiaque
Ton cœur explose suite à une attaque. ♪
On a plein de dents !
Pour te déchiqueter tranquillement !
Sous l'océan ! ♫

Sous l'océan ! ♫
Sous l'océan !!!  ♪
On ne t'entendra pas crier !

She swims
very quickly and makes bubbles when she speaks, no it is not Missy Franklin but Ariel the little mermaid.
Now ! Music ! :

Under the sea, under the sea,
There's no oxygen,
Ugly moray eels,
Nasty fish
Too much pressure.

Stung by a manta ray,
Sharks will eat the arms,
We asphyxia, it makes bubbles,
Under the Sea!

Under the Sea!
Under the Sea!
Under the Sea!
There's children's bodies!

Death is great,
Better than on earth, I tell you.
Yes, I tell you!

For embolism or cardiac arrest
Your heart explodes after an attack.
It was full of teeth!
To shred you quietly!
Under the Sea!

Under the Sea!
Under the Sea!
You will not hear you scream!

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good feeling's gone.

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Yeah, It's giving sailors ptsd; The bitch singing named Siren

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Disney should stop doing remakes
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Ariel the anglerfish...rad.
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I didn't plan on sleeping tonight anyways
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Batman Approved Murmaid, murmaid, murmaid
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Ahhhh WTF!!! Not what I expected!
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I thought they would have made her super hot or something!
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Good feeling's gone!
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I'd like to latch on to THAT body! heheheh. (male angler fish mate by latching onto the female and gradually fusing into her.)
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ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaaaaaah :D
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Childhood memories killed in  3..2..1... Puff! :D
Great Work!
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O_O This is...kind of hot...... O_O
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Edition badass d'Ariel : elle ne sauve plus les humains, elle les mange ! XD Jolie version de Sous l'Océan au passage u_u
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I like flounder, it's a pirana
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At least she still has nice hair
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The real reason why everyone died when the Titanic sunk. :iconkonatagiggleplz:
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Lol, excatly !
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