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Alice in Wonderland BADASS

By Tohad
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FR : Elle est blonde, lunatique et de nombreux psychiatres se sont penchés sur son cas, non ce n'est pas Courtney Love, mais Alice au pays des merveilles.
Pourtant le comportement étrange de Alice ne vient pas d'un quelconque problème psychiatrique, mais du contenu du jardin de son oncle Jojo le hippy. Chaque été, Alice passait ses journées dans ce jardin contenant tout type de plantes et champignons colorés et découvrit ainsi le monde des psychotropes. Un monde magique où les chats brillent dans le noir, où l'on a des doigts à la place des cheveux, où les politiciens son honnêtes, un univers où Miley Cyrus porte des vêtements et où le savoir et la richesse sont partagé. Un monde d'illusion quoi !

She is blonde, whimsical and many psychiatrists have studied his case, no it is not Courtney Love, but Alice in Wonderland.
Yet the strange behavior of Alice does not come from any psychiatric problem, but from the contents of uncle Jojo's garden. Every summer, Alice spent her days in the garden containing any type of colorful plants and muschroom and she discovered the world of psychotropic drugs. A magical world where cats glow in the dark, where fingers grows on your head, where is honest politicians, a world where Miley Cyrus wears clothes and where knowledge and wealth are shared. What a world of illusion!

Thank to Meltys-stock for the photo reference !
Whore 3 by Meltys-stock

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Meeeeet the feeeeeebles!
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 Alice: Hiiii, guurls, wanna meet mah pet glowin walrus... Oh look, the rainbows are melting aahhh... The flowahs are soooooo preeeeeeddy... I think I might beee stoonned...
 Everyone else: Alice, get help please
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Yeah, we all knew that Alice never actually went anywhere, she just had a lot of fun smoking weed XD
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Alice in Winter Wonderland badass, Starring Bob Saget as Frosty The Snowman
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Alice Chan (Alice Madness Returns): Alice Please Don't Smoking
Alice: Shut up Alice Chan
Alice Chan: *facepalm*
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:D Feed your heeeead!!
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Anyway to make this into a deviantArt print?? 
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Makes total since 😬😬
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smoke weed everyday (Snoop Dogg) SMOKE WEED EVERYDAYsmoke weed everyday (Snoop Dogg) 
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Always knew it was drugs. Called it! :D (Big Grin) 
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I believe all of this after that game alice return to madness or soemthing because that stuff clearly claims alice is loopy also the author of the book actually did this for his daughter alice and about her going into a fantasy land look what it turned into xD
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I can seriously understand the drug part, since there's the blue caterpillar smoking a hookah in the Disney movie and stuff. XD
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pink elephants incoming
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ha ha I've been to wonderland too
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Going there from time to time bro ;)
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