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SO I back just to say, i am more active on Facebook these days.

Please go and like my page : Tofu-san photography 

I have not been shooting any artsy stuff recently so I dun feel the need to upload on the dA. 

But ya this is to just show that i am still alive, but not here. 

Shingeki no Kyojin: Last Choice by Astellecia

yap i been cosplaying.
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2014 is here and ah I am not really going to update my dA that much anymore. Its been like 2 years since my last journal post, 1.5 years since my last deviations.

But I am still active. I have since finished my service with the army, and now trying to get by being a freelance photographer / video editor WITH a part-time job looking after second hand cameras.

you still can find me on twitter: @togusachan 
see random pretty things and #cameraporn on my instagram : @togusachan 
see more street photos and cosplay on my Facebook page :
and lastly my blog :
and my portfolio site :

2013 was a blast. the amount of things I did was great, but really i need to make this year awesome!!!!

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Well due to the popular usage of FB and coz gotten lazy on deleting the 13,000 plus deviations and messages i rarely updated my dA for the last 6mths ( plus the fact that i got send back to tekong (more army training) again and i am shooting way less.

BUT actually there are photos from shoots i shot recently, just that i am not the one that uploads them.

JUST click the following link… . it is my Favourites folder of photos i took LAWL. ( which does shows the point that if a cosplayer upload a pic themselves the pics will get ^*%^&( views but when the photographer does it, the view count can't even hit hundreds.

If you are looking at new works, it is easier to find them on my blog -> or on my photoblog

as usual follow me on twitter @togusachan. but fuck like it matters right?
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I am still shooting. new works can be found on my photoblog -> or @ my blog: @
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I am back abit lol.
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25th May to 6th June.

Can do meet ups from 26th May to 5th June LOL
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25th May to 6th June.

Can do meet ups from 26th May to 5th June LOL
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Well there are many things that are over.

first, my final year short film is over. LAKME 3D may come out in May or June at my school's film showcase.

secondly, I finished my diploma in digital visual effects. so goodbye Ngee Ann!.

thirdly, this year's SOY, SOYC is my last SOY that I am organising/managing or in it. So Really i like to thank cosplay community for supporting SOY for the last 4 years. It grew from a small event of 500 plus visitors at a small LT to a huge ass one this year with a turnout of more than 3000. It was a crazy, tiring, eye-opening and worthwhile experience and really 5 years ago i will never think i will be doing this. 5 years ago i was just an event goer...

Well this doesn't meant that SOY will be gone... it just that i have hand it over to my juniors at JTC [not jurong town corp]. How it is run or organised from now is kinda not my concern. So if JTC organise another cosplay event next year please do support them.

so for now i want to concentrate on my photography and work....

anyone looking for a visual effects intern or photography intern? or need advise in running cosplay events, i charge consultation.
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Well blame my final year film and that dA's buggy connection when i am at home...

I am finishing up my final year short film project which i can say i am very tired of doing it and kinda glad that it is nearly over. And i think singtel is just evil..

i have to refresh dA like 5 times for it to load, and if i click another page, it is another 5 refreshes before it loads again.. oh wins.

but well i should be getting more active once again after all my work is done. so till then just follow my twitter for updates.
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YAP my third time going and it will be shortest. ONE DAY ONLY!!!. I been going for CF for the past 2 years and the time i spent there is getting shorter and shorter...

in 2008: i spent well 4D/3N with sean
2009: i spent 2D/2N with sean and :iconroxwindy:
this year i will be spending ONLY 1D/2N at comic fiesta. although i will be heading up north later at 6am.

Well if i managed to design my coscard/photog card nicely who knows. you may get a limited CF ed card.

Well see you all who are going for CF, i should be still using my singapore number coz well it is useless to get a prepaid in KL when i going to use it for a day. So call/twitter/drop me a sms or something if you want to meet up!. Should be free to go eat Dinner/Supper/DRINKING on Friday and Saturday night.
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Last day of Subscription!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 14, 2010, 10:52 AM
Okay it will be awhile for me to get another year of subscription. so no more stupid random polls of mine.

Mhh photos from STGCC and EOY are coming up soon...

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OH NO.i have only 2 wk of Premium Membership left!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 4, 2010, 11:29 AM
wow. it been a year since i brought premium membership for 1 for 1. and i think i did not use it to the full extend thanks to school work and life...

Well but everything is getting back to normal as my final year production is moving into post production... but still it is quite stressful. 16 mins out of 26mins of the film is effects. 8 mins of it has 3D issues. 1 mins will be PURE CGI [easy]. 7 mins of it will be MIX of CGI and live action. plus it is due in mid FEB 2011.

good game to me and my group.

on another note. my Backlog is kinda getting long...


Some shoot i did in jan for :iconastellecia: :iconmaskedphantom:

a Lugwig shoot [1/2 processed]

:iconyyumii: 's yamato shoot. [some how the edited psd are missing]

a blaue rosen shoot with kula, lenne, angie, verse... oTL..

:iconroxwindy:'s miku [ 1/2 done but they are missing!]

alot of event pics


:iconchibifiedkitsunes:'s GitS:SAC shoot

baybeats 2010..

:iconashteyz: :iconsakurazaki: :iconohonigiri: 's d.gray man shoot.

:iconsientia: 's mirror shoot and street shots ->……

:iconsaharasnow:'s shoot.

Production stills of Band of Mischief.
Production stills of lakme.
AFAX pics. and other event pics
all the food pics i shot since last year...

Is that all?

ps. anyone want to buy me premium membership as an early 21st birthday present?? XD

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I am not dead....

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 20, 2010, 12:33 PM
It been nearly 3 months since i last post a journal and 6 weeks since the last deviantion....

so ya. I AM DONE. My Final year short film JUST wrap up in Production stage. REALLY JUST WRAP UP. after like 3 weeks of production, man i am burnt out. I still managed to pop by AFAX over last weekend and met up with most folks. And well watched SCANDAL performed @ I love anisong for free XD...

Overall AFAX was that not great as i expected. Maybe due to that we were really spoil from last year's awesomeness. This year due to they separate the main event hall from the stage hall, some how the event hall seem very very boring, plus it felt very commercial this year. maybe i should write about afax another day...

oh wells i am too tired to write anymore... so ya i am still alive and kicking and i think i am so brain drained that i am not able to shoot pics for awhile -.-

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Q and A?

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 28, 2010, 12:03 PM

1. Tell you something I'll learn about you by looking at your dA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you which colour you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you, and your answer has to be as vague as possible to keep the suspense.
6. Tell you my favourite thing about you.
7. Give you a weird nickname
8. Tell you what's on my shirt right now.
9. Challenge you to post this on your journal

yesh i am bored... kope from :iconroxwindy:

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Render Time

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 12, 2010, 11:34 PM
Well my final semester of classes is finally over but well i am still trying to complete my Final Project for this semester.

what is the issue?

it takes a whole 30mins to render 1 frame of animation, and the animation length is well 100 frames. so ya that will be mhh 3000mins, or 50hrs and well that is just 4 sec out of 30++ sec of the whole animation short we are doing.

It really suck that we have to spend our life in the lab for weeks after weeks till the point that for 3 months i had never left school before sundown. Well at least it is coming to an end, but then again, i have to start to prepare for my short film... so... where is my F*cking break??? oh well there is none.

Anyway if you wish to help.

i am looking for some people house to shoot in:

1. private housing with a bedroom facing a yard or garden.
2. A HBD flat with a messy bedroom lol.

i guess i will be looking for talents soon so ya will write about it soon, for now i need to rush for my YOG work...

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wtf 30k

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 18, 2010, 11:43 AM

Ya 30k and was i the one that made it 30k? since now it is 30,001? or was it :iconconjurer-cj:?

Any way IT BEEN A long time since i made a journal entry. Well i have been too busy with school that i neglected my dA account for a while. Well for the next about 6-8months i will be doing my Final year film. which is a steroscope-3D visual effect short film. which sounds good to shoot, but if you read up about stero 3D it is an ass. Oh wells it is going to be very cool to have it in my portfolio.

So for the 6-8months more likely i will upload production stills/ WIP / HDRI / panos / idunnoe what lor. I still have another idea for a short film, but i think that will take awhile but if you are interested, i will just need alot of photographers actually i just need your cameras and lens for this idea.

OH wells.

back to work on maya.

ps: if you like to get more updates. FOLLOW MY TWITTER LAH. @togusachan or HERE ->

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I dun really lik v7

Journal Entry: Tue May 18, 2010, 9:14 PM

I know i am slow coz i am mac-less for these few days. and while i am gone, dA upgraded to v7

Okay it is better that dA is now simpler and easier BUT sorry less =/= better.

i not sure did anyone realised, but you can't full view a photo at the size that you upload, eg. my image is 3000px wide.

dA new FULLsize = your screen size limits pano like kolOut new work A Day at Ghee Leong Bakery II by kolOut to less than 1680px * or if i use 2 screens in school about 3000px*

looks like i have to download panoramas, comics or tutorials coz full view dun really let u to see full view.

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Journal Entry: Fri May 7, 2010, 2:14 PM

Yes, i have a formspring too coz i was so bored while matte painting and created one,

on other old news, just finished my 3rd week of the final teaching semester  of my final year, more projects are coming in and it seems next semester , i could be working on a stereoscopic 3D short film. *wonders how the DVFX comps in the lab survives*... other than that, school has been peaceful, way to peaceful that there is a weird silence in the class.

well also me, :iconshiroang: and a fren of mine has created a Fashion street snap blog, currently, there is nothing much on but more updates are coming up soon.

okay that is all.

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Singapore Youth Photographer Awards.

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 15, 2010, 10:24 AM

I am now like sticking my S8R photos on the mounting board for the SYPA2010 submission which is due like on saturday.

well these are the 6 that i am submitting

Wounded: In a birdcage by Togusa208
In a birdcage.

writing with water by Togusa208
Writing with water

night skies by Togusa208
Night Skies

Sapporo Angel by Togusa208
Sapporo Angel

baybeats 2009 : 03 : tabasco by Togusa208
tabasco? * need to get a new name for this one*

black swan by Togusa208
Black swan.

Well any comments?

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Need more time...

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 7, 2010, 3:25 PM

With like 11 days more to school start [wait it is 12 days coz i dun have school on mondays XD] it looks like i wasted my this holiday away again. I failed to do a few task.

1. go for driving class.
2. Clear the backlogs
3. Concept shoots with lenne.
4. my pika pika project.
5. start a street snap fashion blog with some of my photog buddys * we are recruiting photographers too, so if you are interested, contact me*
6. my visual effects demo reel.
7. my timelapse tiltshift thing
8. clean my room

ya.. so for this last 11 days. minus the next 4 days that i will be in camp.

I better find something to print for SYPA.  
Finish Danbon and the little visual effect/animation short.
edit finish all of my work related pics.

anyway. i should mention my SPRING 2010 TOFU's MUST SHOULD WATCH ANIME list.

1. Arakawa under the Bridge [… if you like the manga, then more the reason to watch. If you have not read the manga, just watch it lah.

2. Yojo-han Shinwa Taikai [… ] it is going to be aired on noitaminA slot taking over from Nodame Finale. The art kinda remind me of AKFG's cover art and well AKFG is doing the opening, It should be good.

3. House of Five Leaves [… ] Based on Natsume Ono's manga [ the same mangaka that did Ristorante Paradiso ] also airing during the noitaminA timeslot. It should be good.

4. Senko No Night Raid [… ] I got interested in this series while flipping through Newtype a few months back. I think it is worth to watch.

5. Maid-sama [… ] ah this one was on my radar for awhile then ANIMAX asia say they will be screening it same week as japan so i just record it and watch. love the animation style [what do i expect from JC staff?]

6. Working! [… ] okay this one has abit of the lolicon fan service, but well it is not those extreme fan service like *cough*kissXsis*. Well this one i will say, it is not a must to watch but it should be one of those more entertaining ones.

7. K-on season 2. No need to intro.


watch if you are bored list

1. Heroman.
2. Hakuouki
3. FMA [ just finish up with it!]
4. Giant Killing


anime to avoid for this season

1. kiss x sis [ REALLY, first it is incest, 2nd there are way too many censored ecchi scenes that if you are really into it, just wait for the DVD]
2. B gata H kei [I dun think it will be great, it is going to be another fan service anime with no purpose.]
3. Romance of the 3 Kingdoms [ I dunnoe how great it is going to be coming from an animation house called Beijing Glorious Animation Company ]


end of tofu's spring 10 anime list.

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