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SW:TOR - Lost to Time - Chapter 4
Chapter 4
In the Past
Jedi Temple on Dantooine
Jaicer had certainly been in better situations. In his short service in the Navy, he had never expected to end up in a JEDI holding cell. Let alone being accused of being a Sith. The angry old Jedi had been very adamant about his abuse of the Dark Side of the Force, but the short frog like alien had stood up for him...Maybe this was all a dream? Maybe he had been spaced, and lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen...If that was the case, the young pilot only had to endure for so much longer. He sighed and leaned his head back against the wall, closing his eyes. This was all so strange. Master Vandar, the Jedi that had defended Jaicer when the one called Vrook was going crazy, had said that this might not be the Dantooine Jaicer was familiar with. That perhaps, whatever had brought the pilot here, had warped him through time AND space. Theoretically it was possible, but no one ever really got close enough to a Black Hole to test those theo
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SW:TOR - Lost to Time - Chapter 3
Chapter 3
In the Future
The XS Freighter left the docking bay of Carrick Station, Jaicer and his crew onboard. Haarbel and Kay-Three were running system checks, while the Republic Troops Jaicer had picked up were getting adjusted. He had picked up a small fireteam, composed of Vanguards, Commandos, and a medic. Jaicer wasn’t too pleased with having to pick up the extra hands, but the military had demanded it. He was being treated as a Jedi commander, which ruffled his feathers even more. Jaicer was far from a Jedi, but just because he had the Force and a Lightsaber...He shook his head and focused on his flying. He had a mission after all. Their first destination was Coruscant, which was fortunately where the Republic Fleet was stationed.
“So, what’s this assignment anyway? Commander said you’d brief us.” a female voice said as the combat medic, Jaicer had identified as ‘Samantha, plopped down in the co-pilot seat and propped her feet up on the consol
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SW:TOR - Lost to Time - Chapter 2
Chapter 2
In the Past
“Is he alright?” the voice was quiet and muffled in Jaicer’s ears. It sounded...female...young, at least younger than him by a bit. Everything hurt, especially his head. His eyes began to flutter open, blinding light partially blocked by a few silhouetted heads, He began to adjust to the light, and his vision returned, revealing the faces of the padawans...Well, ONE of the padawans up very close, and the others a little further back. The black haired girl was hovering over him with curiosity and concern over her features. Hadn’t he seen her before? She was one of the two that found him after the crash, in the courtyard...she was still clutching his helmet, even. Jaicer slowly began to sit up, causing her to back away to a less crowded position.
“Where am I?” Jaicer groaned, rubbing his head and looking around. It looked like...a medical bay. He looked towards the young girls that were in the room, taking stock of their appearanc
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SW:TOR - Lost to Time - Chapter 1
Present Time
Nar Shadaa was not the most hospitable place, to the average man or woman. On a good day, it was filled with crime, death, and destruction...On a bad day...far worse. Far away from any congregated areas, a stronghold floated high above the ground. It was a private location, owned by the Republic, and given to one man. The Landing pad was home to his various starfighters, and one small freighter. The inside of the Stronghold was patrolled by Republic droids. The owner, however, was sprawled out across his bed, snoring softly as he rested away the previous day's troubles. His face seemed long, and worn. A nice bit of stubble was growing from his lack of shaving. His black hair flowed out onto his pillow, like a sort of halo, as he stirred and rolled onto his face. Resting on the bedside stand, were a strange collection of items. A communicator, a small holdout blaster, the sleek cylindrical metal tube of a lightsaber, and a holocron graced the durasteel table. A Jedi? Judgin
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Surprise Art Trade by Togo143 Surprise Art Trade :icontogo143:Togo143 3 1
LoH Creator Questions (Togo)
1) When you joined LoH, why did you choose to go with a [insert species of OC here] OC? What led to your character's inclusion in LoH?
I honestly went with Hylian because Gerudo couldn't be male, and Turk's hair and skin color didn't match any other race. Hylian is even kind of iffy, because they are usually paler in complexion, so I just threw his butt in the sun for a few decades and out popped Turk. Turk was included because at the time, he was my only LoZ OC.
For Wayman, I went with Sheikah (Common at least) because it would give him some sort of skill goal to reach. While I doubt he'd be able to take on a Traditional Sheikah and come out on top, he's definitely been practicing for it. Sheikah seem better fit for Hand to hand, which is usually how Wayman fights.
2) What does your OC prefer to wear in terms of clothing? (IE: Something fancy? Functional? Showy? Impractical?) And why do they have their preference?
Turk prefers to wear simple things. Even if black and gol
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Trade: Turk and Gero by Togo143 Trade: Turk and Gero :icontogo143:Togo143 2 7 LoH Wayman app by Togo143 LoH Wayman app :icontogo143:Togo143 5 5 LoH Turk Skill Sheet by Togo143 LoH Turk Skill Sheet :icontogo143:Togo143 4 0
LoH Questionare: Turk
Q:What is your goal? What do you aim to accomplish outside of dealing with Hyrule's fate? Is there some personal goal you were chasing or one that you have?
Turk: My goal? I guess to win. Take back Hyrule. I hope to accomplish nothing outside of that, really...except maybe to survive and rub it in the Knights' faces. Other than that, no other real goals. Survive, win, gloat.
Q:What side (good or evil) are you loyal to and why? What made you choose the side you're on? If Neutral: What side would you be more likely to take if it were forced?
Turk: After serving with Hyrule's Army most of my life, I'm more likely to side with the 'good guys'...but don't get me wrong, I want to abandon some of these guys every now and again. They really know how to ruffle a guys feathers...
Q:What is the thing that you are most afraid of losing during your adventures?
Turk: That's a tough one...I guess...As cliche as it sounds, I'm afraid about losing the ones I care about. Serena, Gero, Iris, Jace...Hell,
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Deku Wolfos (Adopted) by Togo143 Deku Wolfos (Adopted) :icontogo143:Togo143 6 12 A Time without The Prince of Sorrow by Togo143 A Time without The Prince of Sorrow :icontogo143:Togo143 0 6 LoH Meme: Turk's Personality by Togo143 LoH Meme: Turk's Personality :icontogo143:Togo143 3 0 LoH Meme: Turk's Relationships by Togo143 LoH Meme: Turk's Relationships :icontogo143:Togo143 3 19
LoH: Desert Night Talks
The Gerudo Fortress was rather peaceful at night. The occasional foot steps of the patrols and the roaming lanterns were really all that disturbed Serena that night as she sat outside. She was perched on a ledge, a book open and illuminated by a candle she had placed on a raised railing. She leaned lightly on the stone railing as she turned the page. She was in the Gerudo Valley, so why not study on the Gerudo? There were a few history books she could find in the fortress, that she was brave enough to look at anyway, and most of them detailed the violent past of the Gerudo, centuries ago. She was interested to say the least by their history. She blinked as her thoughts were interrupted by the clank of metal boots. The Gerudo didn’t wear armor like that, and the knights of Hyrule and Skyloft that were here didn’t wear their armor in the heat. That left one person for her to guess.
“What are you reading, Bookworm?” Turk asked, plopping down beside her. He looked a
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LoH: How the Mighty Fall
        Turk stopped and crouched behind a corner in the castle. “Fantastic…Just fantastic…” he mumbled. They’d left him! Everyone had just run off and left him here. “What a great bunch of guys…” he grumbled to himself as he peeked around the corner. Its not like he could blame them. They all seem to know each other, and he was just a convenient stranger with a wagon…a wagon! That was it! He just had to get to his wagon, regear, and get out of this place! He smirked at his master plan as he dashed around the corner. He grunted ran towards a table, as he heard heavy foot falls, before skidding to a stop. He made a face before diving for some more suitable cover behind a statue. He looked out from the statue to see what was going on. A pair of Stalfos were herding some of the castle staff into a room, probably to dispose of them. Turk wasn’t exactly in fighting shape, after the beating he took from that
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United States
In the armssss offff the angels....Fly awayyyyy from here!
Alright, time to copy all my frands.

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

4 years! I don't remember the month and day.

2. What does your username mean.

Well, Togo is short for That Old Guy Outside, which was my original username. That name came from a joke me and a friend came up with, right before I joined DeviantArt. I met her on and we Roleplayed and collaborated together. She actually introduced me to the site. I had a few years on her, so she kept calling me Grandpa, and Old Man. Eventually, that gave way to the joke that I'd be the old man sitting on his porch all day, telling kids to get off his lawn. So I became That Old Guy Outside. Dumb, I know, but it stuck.

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Extremely over extended.

4. Are you left or right handed?

Ambidextrous, but I primarily use my right. Well...sort of Ambidextrous. I can't write with my left hand...but to be fair, I can barely write with my right.

5. What was your first deviation?

My very first deviation was the first chapter of SWTOR: No Rest for the Wicked, as seen here. 
SWTOR: No Rest for the WickedChapter 1
Jaicer pulled his ship, 'Enduring Wind', out of hyperspace and checked his orders again.
"Attention Jaicer Reed. The Republic has need of your skills again. An Imperial Commander is going to Nar Shadaa to hire a Duro bounty hunter named Kord Larn. Be advised, both the Commander and the Hunter are extremely skilled in blaster and hand to hand combat. Your pay has been transferred ahead of time. We have no doubt you can handle this", the recording ended and Jaicer's dark red eyes glistened with excitement. He hadn't had a job in a long time. He adjusted his dark grey Gunslinger hat over his black hair. The light inside the cockpit made his tan skin and grey gunslinger coat look ominous and dark. It wasn't like he was a good guy though. He had his own share of sins. He was the farthest possible thing from a hero but he would never call himself a villain. The dual mandalorian heavy blaster pistols resting on his hip were begging to be used. The way there were position on his hip

Not my best work, and I'm hoping I have improved a little since then.

6. What is your favorite type of art to create?

Writing, if I could do it properly.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Any sort of drawing. I wish I could draw.

8. What was your first favorite?

Keep On Preaching by aimo
I remember loving Kotor comics. And actually, looking at this one and the others before I officially joined, was what led me to the main inspirations I had for my SWTOR stories.

9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

Typically really fancy pieces from games I like. I have so many types that I favorite, from funny comics to lovely pieces.

10. Who is your all-time favorite Deviant artist?

Oooh, that's a tough one. I'm fond of so many! Let's see...Xilent-Knights , KatzeBlue , Secondsynergy , surfersquid , StravenLite , MeowYin and MaskedSugarGirl are all favorites of mine. But if I had to give an overall favorite, it would probably have to be a tie between Xilent-Knights and Secondsynergy. I love everyone else's art, but it was inspiring to see how Synergy improved. And Xilent has always had a great quality of art, and I've seen her progression too.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Probably all of the people listed above. It'd be cool to meet some of my inspirations. Although I've already met Xilent in person.

12. How has a fellow Deviant impacted your life?

Hmm...Well, Xilent has always encouraged me to practice my drawing. And with her help I did improve a little, but not enough for me to want to upload it XD I still practice occasionally but I tend to give up quick. The ones I listed in question 10 inspired me to start a few stories that I really enjoyed. But I think in my over eagerness to do them, I didn't prepare enough. And for a second time, I lost my writing fire. I haven't given up, and will start again once I've gotten a better grip on what I'm trying to do. Really, all my friends and inspirations just...drove me to try harder and better my art and writing. Hopefully, I'll eventually reach the level I want, and feel more secure in them both. 

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Uhh...Microsoft Word.

14. What is your most inspirational place to create art?

I usually come up with my stories in dreams, or while laying down. Sometimes, I come up with scenes while driving too. Really it's anywhere that allows my mind to wander.

15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

Honestly, and as cheesy as it sounds, my favorite memory would probably be when surfersquid , who I'd been kind of fan boying over early in my DA life, made my first Deviant ID and a Christmas photo. It was a pretty awesome time. I still feel guilty, because she did it for free and I didn't realize commissions were a thing. So thank you for that again, years later.

Now, I shall return to staring uselessly at my Word documents and cry over my lost writing talent.
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