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October 13, 2009
Plasticdragon by ~toge-NYC. The suggester said that "This deviation is just plain awesome in its choice and use of materials," which are plastic spoons, knives, forks and cups.
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Suggested by Aeriol
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A Dragon made entirely out of Plastic Kitchen Utencils
(Spoons, Knives, Forks and cups glued together using a glue gun)

approx 80 hours
material cost: all from 99 cent store

completely freestyle - no plans/blueprints/drafts
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Wonderful job!
tilakreddy's avatar
Clap...Clap...Clap...It's really superb. 80 hours... My god!!!
DFroGGotten1's avatar
This is awesome. Someone posted a meme of this on facebook. You, sir, are a genius!
TK-baka's avatar
Wow!!! This is AWESOME!!!!
I saw this on google, and it instantly reminds me of my foam cup dragon. But your creation is way more detailed!!! I'm extremely impressed!!! 
toge-NYC's avatar
thanks! it's funny how we happened to have the exact same idea using very similar materials. 
Abztract-Isight's avatar
Excellent work, very creative! What kind of glue did you use?  I'm thinking of making a large dragon for halloween.  Any suggestions from an artist like you would be fantastic.  
toge-NYC's avatar
oh crap sorry that I wasn't able to reply for so long. I just used a normal glue gun to put the pieces together but that made the entire sculpture super-fragile (especially cause the glue gun melted parts of the plastic cups I used). I suggest making a dragon out of cardboard: cheaper, more durable and should be a lot easier to craft. good luck!
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Your work is awesome :D
You're featured on my :facebook:acebook page [link]
Like and share my page to your friends please =)
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That's great! I once made a Klingon Bird of Prey out of Dairy Queen blizzard cups and parfait spoons.
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Oh wow! This is great!!!
Kon27's avatar
Holy shit, that's amazing!
Wolvesforeva's avatar
How do you sculpt with plastic? And how did you get it?
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DragonLvr2k5's avatar
Oooh! I love dragons, and I love recycling! :+fav: for sure! :icondragonpounce:
theghostdragon93's avatar
0______0 wow.....
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