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Taken from the journal of :iconmoony-moo: (because I wanted one of Moony-moo's sketch! ^^)
aaand... here it is! Crystals and gemstones! what a "rarity!"
Crystals and Rarity. by Moony-moo

"1. First 10 people to comment will get a free sketch.

2. BUT I won't start drawing for you until you offer 10 free sketches in your own journal. Send me the link after. If you've already done this just show me some proof"
I will draw basically anything (except things I consider morally disrespectful). Requests are open!

1. :iconblakicat: sketchysketch Sneja by TofuXpress
2. :iconrandomwithwolfeyt: Zephyr the Dragon sketchysketch by TofuXpress
3. :iconkoshechkazlatovlaska:
4. I lost my mind on this
5. so I'm going build up something
7.and just finish
8. what I have started
9. and correct some few mistakes
10. Thanks for understanding!
But --
Do it! It's fun :D
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Winter seasons always give me a chill, or a thrill to the spine!
So I've been thinking of doing one or a few christmas cards for DA christmas card project, and I wanted to spread these little words to you, fellow deviants!
For it is a great cause to do to the people who are kept at the hospital, perhaps suffering much more than we, casual humans do, on our daily routines.
And as a bonus, you get a 1-month premium membership!
Let's do a good deed once in a while! I will! <---- click here fo further details if you're interested

                                                                Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi
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Good morning.
     I didn't even realize how long I was apart from DA. This is a place where I recorded many memories, deleted some, kept others.... it feels good and weird at the same time, to find out how time passes, and how changed I can be... through all this time. Matter not!
     For these are happy times once again! I aim to keep posting new things. It shall be done in due time. In due time, it is. :)
Hello there, Deviants! I am back once again, and somehow, more free to communicate and to share some works that I've been doing! I hopeffuly want to keep in touch with DA more times, and I feel inspired to do something really nice, to offer to some friends of mine, that are making birth in this month (or so)! If you have any idea, please share with me what is it what you're thinking, ok? :D My first idea is to create something by my hand, I truly believe it is more special to the ones I do appreciate! I already am thinking about some ceramic, or Fimo-like things; I shall try to open my horizons and improve myself in many conditions! Oh, but first I'm needing to do some works for drawing anathomy classes! Cheers! Peace n' Love (as always!) :peace:
  • Listening to: U2 - Got stuck in a moment and you can't get out
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  • Playing: nothing at the moment (focusing at the works!)
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Hello there, people! It's good to be here again! Long time no see! I hope to put some new works I've done, so you can check them if you would like to. Hugs
Bobby's songs, and thinking about drawing something. Got lot's o' works for the university, read lot's o' papers... <.<' Oh well! Viva La Vida!And my sister Inky (by the way, I gotta finish your drawing! :O Oh, and ye gotta tell me how to put your icon's link here, I dunno!! ^^')!! And Brown Penny Too, Of COurse!! And the rest of my good ol' friends as well, etc etc!

Peace N Love, as always! :peace:
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This moment. Ironically sad, the perfect timing my mind catches every single movement of the past. I hate these times. I should get some sleep.
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Lately I've been drawing something, but not too much. But I'm glad I can practice some music and some drawings, some vector, a little bit of something, I don't quite consider it "art", but meh.. I'm enjoying my vacations! Lots o' hot around here! Ahh! My food is toasting! Ok... responsabilities! I should think about that before I'm leaving my island behind! Take care, my friends! :peace:
  • Listening to: Nina Simone - I'm Going Back Home
Wohoo! Special day comin' up! I'm now a 19 years-oldie silly maniac! Gonna have lot's o' fun today, I MUST, lemme say! :)

Big hugs there, take care and peace!! :peace:
  • Listening to: Nina Simone - House of Rising Sun
My mp4 is not broken anymore, somehow I could manage to fix it.. wow..! Anyway, my birthday is coming soon! On 26th August!... I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about it, really! I hope joyful days to come, I'm needing, and some peace of mind.. Peace of mind I always have, but not peace on heart.. Unfortunately. But still... I'm relieved, yes, I have my mp4 back :D
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Today my internet is kinda sucky and my mp4 has broke. Damn it! Anyway, I'm on some online acoustic guitar lessons. If anyone has any website about it, pleaze let me know! Take care! :peace:

PS: *Argh, my MP4!* :(
  • Listening to: Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the wind
Quite calm today...! :peace:
  • Listening to: Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the wind
What's the essence of time?
Sometimes I just think Time is not on my side...

Peace, my friends :peace:
  • Listening to: L&uacute;nasa - Four Loom Weavers inspiration to make anything. Hope my inspiration pushes me again, sometime..
This is strange..! I cannot change my avatar! It doesn't show up! :/ I'm having this problem since yesterday..!
Hey! Finally school is over! (only exams o.O) But I'm feeling great! Phew! Bought an Harmonica, yay! :D Practise, practise, practise..! ^^;
  • Listening to: Lizz Wright
Bookfaire!!! Yeah, I need to check out some things to read, (even if I don't have much time.. ^^') heheh! And I should practise my drawings as well, practice makes perfect! Great news! No more evaluation tests! But I have some important national exams to do, oh well...! Anyway, take care! :D
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Today I'm feeling a nice person! Althought tomorrow I have a freaking test! Gotta note my new plans up! ;)
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Oh, happy days!! I mean: Oh Happy day! Because it was my best cousin's birthday! It was a lovely day and I enjoyed it so much! :) And another thing I liked so much was to take photographs at insects and amazings landscapes! :D

--Peace!!! :)
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Gonna try to do some cool stuff in freehand..! :) Take care!! :D