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Sharing my newest artwork of Madeleine Cookie from CookieRun! This piece was commissioned by Devsisters - the developers behind CookieRun: Kingdom. They've commissioned the DeviantArt Collective so we could help out promote their fan art challenge! I'm so happy to be a part of this and seeing what the other artists at the Collective came up with, is stunning. 

I had a couple of favourite cookies, but decided to go with Madeleine one! I'm not gonna lie, I usually draw girls so I wanted to push myself for this challenge. Originally I was thinking about doing just the character with some background, but seeing the pieces from other DA Collective artists made me go bigger and bolder! Have I told you I've never drawn a full scene? 

I'm really proud with how far I was able to push this art and it has inspired me to do more scenes! BRING IT ON!

Hope you like my strong guy! #CRKingdomxDA

Find out more about the contest:
Fan art contest
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What beautiful coloring!

elkiedraws's avatar

Wow! You put so much effort in it! I got the feeling it probably could be on official Clash of Clans front page :D

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Tofu this is probably one of my favorite pieces of yours so far!! You have some amazing works in your gallery but this is just so phenomenal!! I love the subtle textures in the background that give it life and make it feel like real trees and stone. The expressions on those characters in the background is priceless haha!

Madeleine cookie is so Powerful!! They look so regal and proud. I think you really nailed the rendering on the gold surfaces and I love the little bits of texture everywhere. And you did ANOTHER cookie in the foreground haha. This is crazy!! There's so much going on but it's balanced and staged well. What a wonderful piece of art. I can tell how much work you put into this. Beautiful!

TheOneWithBear's avatar

SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love Herb's expression so much and your rendering of the armor is on point!

Tofusenshi's avatar

Aww thank you so much!!! Hehe herb is my second favourite cookie

KovoWolf's avatar

This turned out amazing!!

Tofusenshi's avatar
TsaoShin's avatar

Love this! I love how the entire scene tells a great story XD

Tofusenshi's avatar
kloir's avatar

YOOO this is awesome! Love how chiseled you made him, definitely fits his personality!

Herb and blackberry in the back 🤣

Tofusenshi's avatar

Thank you so much Kloir! :D:D

yuzeroringo's avatar

what a dream rendering (´ ω `♡)

Tofusenshi's avatar

Aww thank you!!

yuzeroringo's avatar

its nothing!!! you definitely helped me with this piece !! really great work :D

Like always, this looks great ^-^

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Thank you very much!!

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