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One day I went to buy some lip balm, and I found out about Burt’s Bees which donates part of its profit to researching CCD, my roommate brought it up in our conversation, and I noticed a small hive of bees outside my apartment. I read up on this phenomenon of CCD, and found out that honey bees were not natives to North America, but that they were brought over from Europe a few hundred years ago. Now, researchers are trying to find ways in which to adapt actual native pollinators like the carpenter bee, to our commercial agriculture in case the honey bees should die off. But it is still the same story; we altered nature to suit our purposes, and now it appears that nature is retaliating and taking back what should never have been taken.
So, I decided to combine these two elements, of the coexistence that I wish could happen and the ominous future if it does not. I made a robot (man-made) bee which is being overtaken and reclaimed by plants bursting from inside it. And the question remains, “Is there still hope?”

(Her eyes were roller printed with mesh so the left eye shows the negative impression and the right eye shows the positive....get it...right side of the train? The wings are acid etched copper which were then silver plated and sanded to reveal the copper underneath)
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May 2, 2009, 5:04:43 AM
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Athalour General Artist
What an incredible piece! :clap:
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great story,great technique...
I too have been hyper aware of the current plight of our bees since I'm completely addicted to honey.LOL.
I have a healthy and thriving honey bee nest right outside my door even though many are failing in my area.I keep cell phones AWAY from the hive and make sure they have a constant supply of fresh water. And even though I'm allergic to their sting, I don't fear them and let them routinely land on me.
Your piece has inspired me.I may have to make a bee as well...
Thank you...
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your craftmanship is splendid! it looks very well made (and you had an interesting work process according to your notes :D )and I think you are a very competent and creative artist (this said when I´ve yet to see the rest of your gallery). I love this, and you have a very well-earned fave!

btw how big is it?
btw 2 what are the wiry things on top of it?
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It is about as big as my palm from antennae to abdomen..but I have smallish hands so more precisely, it is about 6 inches long, 4 inches wide and 4 inches tall. and the wiry part is my very general representation of vines, made of copper with cupric nitrate heat it a green tinge.
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wow, I´d love to try to work with copper/metal sometime :D
keep being awesome!