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This gallery is only for archival purposes. I log in, post art, log out.

Furaffinity is my main gallery, this is where I offer commissions as well!

Please do not send me notes and chat requests; they will most likely get ignored.

Keep my OCs and art away from IMVU/second life/Amino/F-List. Uh.

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Paint Tool SAI | Adobe Photoshop CS6
I cannot deal with the changes. I tried my best to ignore the layout, the super slow mode this website runs at, and I hoped they'd change it for the better. Instead they changed it for the worse, thanks to new notifications. I think I'm done here. I already left dA once, for a very long time and came back in hope it's going to get better. And it generally was okay, until eclipse happened. Since then I can't find a lot of things and if I do, it's slow even with the fastest internet and beefy PC. It's ridiculous honestly. New notification update genuinely made me hop ship to buzzly. Lmao. I'm impressed a website once so big, a go to for community and art, can drop so low. Okay, I shush now. Here's places you can find me at: FA: I consider this one my main gallery/site of sorts. Very active there. This is also the place I hold commissions. Twitter: Secondary gallery of sorts, altho I use this place to
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Hello! I decided to use deviantART again. It's been months. I'm not missing it much, due to horrible dA staff and their non existant support on reports. However I noticed my watcher counter didn't go down. In fact only more and more people started watching me, which of course I am super grateful for! I realized it probably does more hurt to you than good to me. So I'll be uploading my new pieces, same as old ones. Prepare for bit of spam! I'll try to keep it subtle tho. I will be uploading personal works, maybe doodles and commissions. I have some good stuff you might like! Thank you for reading! -Tofu Other sites I'm active at are:
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