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Reiner Braun

I feel bad for almost all the SNK characters, but poor Reiner is something else altogether. 
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I feel that Isayama shows us a real war through his manga, no one is to really blame for the war. They could not have escaped their orders (unless they wanted their families dead) So, at the end, they are all victims of a war that they have no choice but to continue.
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So true. If anyone, the politicians on the offensive side should take more responsibility and also greed in general. The point is further emphasized in that our main cast are mostly children... war is such an ugly thing. 
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Exactly, that's why I don't really like how some fans are insulting the characters. It's like... they are kids, they were taught something, you can't call them evil just because they are trying to avenge their comrades. Like how people call Gabi evil, but she's doing EXACTLY what Eren did...
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That's true. People are too quick to judge oftentimes. Plus the poor kids from Marley were brainwashed...
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;;__;; I utterly love Gabi and Reiner, they didn't deserve all that pain
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This killed me xD Honestly, I think this is the best fanart of Reiner (to me)!! I can feel his pain, his emotions... So much is conveyed by your drawing!! I also love how the brush you chose renders. Have you done it on one layer?
Anyway, all my congrats and my admiration!! I hope to have your talent and your ability to draw emotion one day! ;)
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Sorry it took me so long to reply... 

That is very sweet of you, thank you! I'm so happy you like this piece. XD
I wish I were brave enough to do it on one layer, but no it is multilayered. 
Your illustrations already look very emotive to me. Keep up the good work my friend! :)
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No problem, I also live in a cave ^^

And I need to say it again, your piece is wonderful!! (haha sorry)

Thanks, I'm trying x) I should post my traditional art too, but I want to take good quality pics, I've actually done a few Reiner fanarts :P
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Thank you~ 

You should totally do that! I would love to see your Reiner fanarts <3
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Aw man, the feels man....THE FEELS!!!! Armin Arlert (Scared) [V2] 
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Ikr? My gut hurts just thinking about it... ; n ;
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Reiner is my favorite
nice work here
And he really is someone to feel bad for
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Yea... I don't think any amount of hugs could help him feel better though. ; - ;
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Reiner looks so cool !I do love the way you drew his eyes ! And the coloring is really awesome ! Well done :clap;
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Thank you! His eyes are probably favourite parts too. :)
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