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ChocoMilk: iPhone Theme


Download at


I played with my CandyMilk theme and posted a screenshot at MacThemes. And then the e-mails kept coming. :O

So despite the similarity with my Black Neon Agua theme, here is ChocoMilk. :)

More icons:
For additional icons, requests and more, head to the MacThemes thread of ChocoMilk.
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Ommgg loove. I cant seem to find eithor of these sets tho on your site page :(
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Buenas gracias mi amigo & amiga..Coolest icon I've ever seen ToffeeNut 
very unique and dope!
como instalo el tema en mi ipod si lo descargue a la computadora?? :s
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I was wondering if there is any way to get your CandyMilk and/or Black Neon Aqua icon sets??? They'd be used on my phone only.. Just curious if that's possible at all. They're great icons. I wish I could make them like that :) Great job!
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Download available here: :)
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Hi ChocoMilk.. Awesome Icon Package, i have a request here, can i use this icon package in an android theme which i'm creating. The theme is already ready, but i havn't uploaded it anywhere coz i was unable to find you before as i dowloaded the package from somewhere else.

Please PLease please let me use this icon package...........[link]
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For personal use, sure. Not for redistribution though. :)
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pls lemme know how to download the pack..
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at my website :)
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Thank you again, I downloaded more so I will donate to your site. David
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I have an iPhone 3g. Could someone please tell me, step by step (in detail cause I am completely clueless), how I would go about getting this awesome theme onto my phone?

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This pack is so cool
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Thanks once again, love your work. David
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Fantastic! Faved n featured on

Hope it brings you some extra visitors! Cheers!
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I love all of your icon works! Especially the ChocoMilk and BlackNeon! Awesome! I would like to customize the color of the shapes. Can I get a psd-file with all shapes? As good as this i'll never get it done.
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nice ^^
btw : a flickr icon is reversed than original,doesn't?heh.but very nice icons man.
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If I wasn't mistaken,I think you got the idea of your theme Black ups from this one right?
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