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CandyMilk V2: iPhone Theme


Download at


Version 2! Yeay! (Version 1 is here for anyone who's curious.)

For updates:
- For additional icons, requests and more, head to the MacThemes thread of CandyMilk.
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Tks very much for your post.

You also find all Wallpaper iphone at link at the end of this post.

Source: Free Wallpaper iphone

Best rgs
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nice one, very colorful I like it.

iphone themes
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is there any installation guide ?
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Where could I download from ?
Didn't find it in the link shown in the description
ToffeeNut's avatar :)
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Better, than first version.
Like it!
These icons set is clean and simple. Tofeenut I appreciate your work.
Logo Design
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Simply superb!!! :trophy:
i love this white more than black~

well done!~
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Any chance you could make a set for the mac dock up to 512px? pretty please or PSD set.
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I love your website. I hope to design as well as you someday :)
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cool like this version to :D
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I'm not sure how often you get on here but I hope you get this soon. May I use your icons for an iPhone theme I have created? Here is a screenshot.

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You mean use the icons on a background you've created? For personal use, sure. Just no distribution.
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thanks and yes just for personal use :)
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Are you still taking icon requests? I would request on the other forum..but..I'd probably get yelled at for 'bumping old threads' haha
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very nice icons :)
i'm using them in my kf700 phone *-*
very nice. cool.
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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I made you up a Monkey Ball icon, if you want it.

Does anyone can do some icons for App Store applications?

-air hockey
-billy frontier
-4 in a row
-banner free
-battle at sea
-crash bandicoot nitro kart 3d
- flipbook
-koi pond
-moto chaser
-pinball rc
-tic tac touch

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