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Commission Info Prices Copy by Toffee-Tama

Status: CLOSED

Will do:

- Humans / anthro
- ARPG characters / Animals / CS
- FxF, MxM, FxM, ?x?, Couples~
- Monsters /Dragons

Wont do:

- Robots (robotic parts like wing/arm/etc are ok)
- Cars
- Complicated architecture


Gijinka Starlight by Toffee-Tama Com: Cure Clef by Toffee-Tama Com: Saya-Kiryuu by Toffee-Tama Com: SilverAngel907 by Toffee-Tama Com: xXDarkRaven 2 by Toffee-Tama Com: xXDarkRaven 1 by Toffee-Tama Com: Kiexen by Toffee-Tama OC: Ellyia by Toffee-Tama

Chibi/Animals/Ferals = $20USD / 2000:points:
Headshot = $10USD / 1000:points:
Halfbody$30USD / 3000:points:
*sketchpages available - Take 15% off the total*
Special: Chibi busts = $5USD / 500:points:
B-P: Bunch of Beans by Toffee-Tama

Coloured Sketch

Com: SilverAngel907 1/2 by Toffee-Tama Com: CrystalQuill by Toffee-Tama Elnin: Purple Buttmunch by Toffee-Tama Com: Amoredecimo 3 by Toffee-Tama Com: Cutesu by Toffee-Tama Com: MichibanCupcakes 2/2 by Toffee-Tama Com: Toy-Soul by Toffee-Tama

Chibi/Animals/Ferals = $30USD / 3000:points:
Headshot$20USD / 2000:points:
Halfbody$40USD / 4000:points:
*sketchpages available - Take 15% off the total*

Simple Shade

Elnin: Rainywren by Toffee-Tama Elnin: Winter Growth Concept by Toffee-Tama Elnin: Generous Gifting 3 by Toffee-Tama Elnin: Generous Gifting 2 by Toffee-Tama OC: Lunaris by Toffee-Tama Tera: Miss Ellyia by Toffee-Tama
Chibi/Animals/Ferals = $50USD / 5000:points:
Headshot = $40USD / 4000:points:
Halfbody = $60USD / 6000:points:

Additional characters
= Double price
Backgrounds: Simple (minimal swirls/stars/etc) = Free
Backgrounds: Medium (simple flowers, skies, borders, simple crystal bases etc) = $10USD / 1000:points:- $50USD / 5000:points:
Backgrounds: Detailed (Scenery, buildings, crystal bases etc) = $30USD / 3000:points: - $200USD / 20000:points:
Pets: Small (cats, dogs, toys, birds, etc) = $5USD / 500:points:
Pets: large (dragons, dracostryx, reos, ridable pets, etc) = Character Price

Note me if interested!
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DystopianDragon's avatar
Hiya! Can I snag a chibi/feral slot of my kittom, Reece ( 
Toffee-Tama's avatar
Yeah sure! What style were you after? (sketch/colour/Simple shade) And what payment method? :D
DystopianDragon's avatar
Sorry for the late reply! Just a sketch, no color :D Payment method would be paypal!
Toffee-Tama's avatar
Sure thing, just note me your paypal so I can send the invoice, thank you!
DystopianDragon's avatar :D
Toffee-Tama's avatar
Invoice sent <3 thank you!
DystopianDragon's avatar
So sorry for the wait, invoice has been paid :D
Toffee-Tama's avatar
Thank you! I shall have it finished soon <3
DarkfireVengeance's avatar
I know these are closed, but would you do custom Elnin gijinkas?
Toffee-Tama's avatar
Yes, I can <3 I actually made a gijinka of my own elnin Starlight!
Elnin: Gijinka Starlight by Toffee-Tama
You can note me if you like :)
DarkfireVengeance's avatar
Ah! Once I can collect some money together, I will come back to you on that with a note ^^
Toffee-Tama's avatar
np, just note me whenever<3
NekonRoafu's avatar
Do you do Real life references?
Toffee-Tama's avatar
Yes, I can draw stuff based on IRL pictures <3
NekonRoafu's avatar
Okies, i'll note you soon ^^
Toffee-Tama's avatar
wooo, looking forward to it<3
NekonRoafu's avatar
What does derpy cheebs look like?
Toffee-Tama's avatar
They look like this ->………
Basically I'll draw a mini chibi with a silly /meme face xD usually I base them on plz icons and stuff~
x-Cute-Kitty-x's avatar
Hello again QvQ Can't resist~ must get Toffee arts <3
Can I get another mini chibi, pose 1 of this boy:…
Paying with points please QvQ QAQ <3
Toffee-Tama's avatar
Sure thing! Simply donate the points to my donation pool and I'll get started <3 Thank you! I'm glad you like my art so much!
x-Cute-Kitty-x's avatar
All sent QvQ Your art is so shiny and clean I love it \o/ <3
Toffee-Tama's avatar
x-Cute-Kitty-x's avatar
Hi darling! Can I get a mini chibi, Pose 3 of this boy:…
And i'll be paying with points please Toffee QvQ <3
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