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Remembering Yesterday

By ToeTag
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Here's another shot from today.

This one is also suitable for 2x 1600x1200 displays (3200x1200 total res)

Many more like this in my gallery.
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i love it, maybe you should airbrush the sky a little to make it blend in. nice work :D adz
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*wonders when people are going to stop editing the shit out of their photos*

Use some camera filters on your camera. Over-the-top photoshopping looks so fake. The sky is NOT that colour.

Before I get flamed for once again being truthful and not ass-kissy (!): my suggestion is to use proper filters on your camera such as a polorizer...or a neutral density graduated filter.
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Believe it or not, analog photographers perform post-processing on their photos all the time. Accept it... and move on.
I like the way it looks.... and believe it or not - some people consider it 'art'.

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sky looks wierd! :S looks relly monipulated!
but it's still cool
what's up with the white spots in the sky...and i don't mean the clouds ;)
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It's the result of a filter I've applied to the image.
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