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August 16, 2007
Eye for an eye by =ToeTag If you enjoy scenery style wallpaper that offers a serene look at some incredible landscapes, this artist is one to watch. This is just one of many images that could be posted as a Daily Deviation.
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Eye for an eye

Here's a shot I took the other night. A wee bit of manipulation was put into this one.

This one is 3200x1200 (downloaded) - suitable for 2x 1600x1200 displays

Many more like this in my gallery.
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Rode-Egel's avatar
Very nice...

crh's avatar
outstanding lights and colors! well done, I adore it
thandav's avatar
very cool


my blog
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work. Congratulations to the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
ToeTag's avatar
Angie-Pictures's avatar
My pleasure. You're always very welcome! :hug:
I've had this wallpaper on my dual screens for a month. It conveys subtle serenity in the most natural way. Thank you for this.
mark-flammable's avatar
I love the photo! Amazing!
I have a request tho... Would you be ok if I used this in a design for a friends website? I can credit you etc.
This is JUST the image iv been looking for!
Let me know!
ToeTag's avatar
Thanks man.

Yeah - go nuts. Send me the link when you've got it online.
EagleEye666666's avatar
wow a DD, i saw this pic before :)

great job! :)

you took it with your analog camera?
ToeTag's avatar
Thanks man!

Naw - digital camera. Panoramic built up with a bunch of pics.

A lot of post-processing done to it of course.
EagleEye666666's avatar
yeah i do know this very well. my PC is acutally almost dying with 5 RAW shots... to merge them... I really have the need for a new PC with lots of RAM. Right now my 512 MB sucks ... 2 RAW images loaded and its full. :)
Obsidian133's avatar
beautiful capture
RavageScourge's avatar
I love it thanks so much :D
patternsinthestatic's avatar
Looks great until you see it at actual size. What's your method here, take multiple pics and splice them all atop impossibly gorgeous skies? These would be really impressive if they were single photographs, but I'm sensing some funny business here... am I wrong?
ToeTag's avatar
It's a panoramic of multiple pics.... with the sky modified a wee bit to bring out the colours. I usually take the photos with the camera on its side so that the resulting pic is in the highest resolution possible.
Thanks for the comment!
patternsinthestatic's avatar
Well that's a good technique to create as large an image as possible, but not exactly what I was referring to. What's with the artifacting in the layers of foliage against the sky? Looks like different elements were just auto-extracted and placed on top of the sky background. If that's not the case then why the odd pixelization around, say, the tree in this one?
ToeTag's avatar
What I have done is I've performed a colour selection to mask out the sky. The edges where the leaves in the tree meet the sky are a slightly off those colours selected, which made it very difficult to mask everything I wanted to. I use a bit of feathering but all that did was end up selecting more of the leaves than I wanted to - so when I got around to tweaking the sky's colours the edges of the leaves got tweaked as well - producing the artifacts. I suppose if I put a lot of time into it I could clean it up, but I'm too lazy.
patternsinthestatic's avatar
Think leaves are hard to extract? Try hair. Good God.
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incredible and well done pict!!
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