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Well yeah this just about says it all. I feel so weird when people comment on the color on pieces like this, so I'm getting my obscenely easy process secret off my chest.
Love to see anything people do with this!
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Haha ! I thought it was Sev but I wasn't sure until you mentionned it !
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Thanks for making this! :D
miladydeallseasons's avatar
Thank you!! This tutorial was so helpful! I didn't follow the steps exactly, but the general idea worked really well
Drawn-Imagination's avatar
Thank you for this it has made understanding colour much easier! Hug 
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Hilarious.   Excellent tut well delivered.  ^^
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question: In the flats, do you fill them by their original base color? Or sort of eyeball the color they'd be in a "blue" or dim-lit environment?
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Even simpler than that, really.  Start with blue, and then go "okay skin is warm...what's a color that's a little warmer than blue?  Grey.  Cool."  And then go like that.  At the flats stage, I'm just working with warmer/cooler than ____, blank being the base color.

Thanks for the question!
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grey is warm? Or cool?
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That is skill, sir :) brilliant
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or ma'am ? :)..brilliant anyway
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Fantastic :)

Thank you so much!
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You make it look so easy! XD Awesome. I'll definetly try it.
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this is soooooo helpful! thank you.
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Oh so that's how you do it... that makes a lot more sense then what I've been trying to do. Thanks for this!... I say... years after it's already been uploaded.
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This is probably the most helpful thing I've come across in a long time. I'm a victim of putting every subject into bright boring daylight haha
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Thank you so much!
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thanks for this awesome tut !!
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Used your tutorial here [link]
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Great! This is very useful. I'll try something with this! ^^
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I love this! thank you, it's really going to help with my graphic novel....btw by chance is this snape and lily? i just caught some similarities and was wondering... haha well anyway thanks so much!
SaskiaDeKorte's avatar
nice! Are these just random people or what, cause that chap looks suspiciously like Severus Snape. Maybe it's just me ;p
HojoMcOjo's avatar
This is great! Definately what I needed to improve my art :D
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That was actually...pretty interesting? :D Thanks for sharing!
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Another excellent tutorial <33

Your skills... they amaze n.n
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