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LAVAAAA color steps

A few of you asked about color picking on this piece, and since pictures are better than words, threw this together. I'll scrap this once the interested parties have seen it.

I feel like I should have a disclaimer about how this is a really NOT GREAT way to do color, generally speaking. This process relies on 2 things: 1- having a light-emitting and single-layered (spatially) background. So basically a magical element haha. and 2- having a sensational concept which relies not on storytelling but on cheap tricks to grab the viewer's attention. So, you know. You've been warned!

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This is so awesome Happy 
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Niceee :happybounce: I really adore your Korra fanart!:heartjump:
Your art is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing things like this with us! <3
Drawn-Imagination's avatar
I know I said it before, but damn!
Thanks for putting this info out there in a way a total noob like me can understand. ;)
MirkAssassin's avatar
I like how Korra looks more and more evil with each panel XD
protoPrimus's avatar
Always nice to see someones method.
XxTruthorDarexX's avatar
pixarjunkie's avatar
this is so useful, I learned so much! thank you!

loish's avatar
damnnnn. incredible! love the red-hot glow of the fire! korra is such a total badass in your art. i think out of all your skills, i love your sketching ability the most. your sketches are just soooo full of life, it's incredible.
toerning's avatar
Gah, thank you so much! I don't often post sketches haha so I'm glad you got to see this one, then! :heart:
alaeries's avatar
hey hey so I used this for help on this drawing of mine! [link] dunno if you'd like to see but here you are anyways! <3 This was super helpful and rad
pianof's avatar
Thanks for the process! Could you explain the neutral grey again? I'm not sure I understand still D:
Nawni's avatar
Thank you so much! The explanations behind the step-by-step pictures are incredibly helpful, I'm very glad you took the time to include them. c:
Cheesecake-giri's avatar
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I for one am ALL ABOUT the shameless glows :D
Very cool!
scrii's avatar
man despite all the awesome colour and lighting tips i can't stop focussing on those hands haha they are so amazing!
BlitzKreg-Trixie's avatar
I like how funny you put the descriptions in. I also love that you added some cheap tricks in. :D
Dreamart101's avatar
very usefull thanks !!!!!!
Ameko-no-Mori's avatar
This is incredibly helpful! I don't think it's a cheap trick - it's so important to know how to direct the viewer's eyes. I have trouble with that myself sometimes. Thanks very much!
h2ogirl98's avatar
Another avatar DD! I'm so happy!
pireh's avatar
oh my god GENIUS!!!!!!
You're so amazing, I couldn't believe those were 100% neutral grays, that's such a useful technique! I swear I finish reading this with so much motivation, I really feel like doing a full illustration now! haha. The way you make everything contrast is especially inspiring and easy to understand

also...btw I don't really think there's a chunk of head missing since the top of her head obviously doeesn't surpass the hair line (which is way above the head line in some points??? oh geez I suck at explaining)
toerning's avatar
hahahaha YAAAAAY I am pleased you are pleased. I really hope you DO use your energy for some more illustrations- I love how I can feel your energy in your work and I can't wait to see what you do! NO PRESSURE THOUGH OOPS!

(Also I am pleased you don't think her head looks broken but honestly, it was clearly so distracting for so many people, and it's not like it was going to DETRACT for people who didn't see it before, so I just sucked it up and fixed it lol)

pireh's avatar
Oh man, I really hope so too! haha. I'll gather a bunch of your tutorials for help/inspiration on this -finally- free weekend!

Ah yeah!! I understand. Also if most people see it like that (even if it's technically correct) it's cool to fix!
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