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Just a little relaxing fanart for this morning. I'm excited for Korra- waterbending is my favorite but Katara really annoyed me haha. I'm also pretty pumped because from what I can tell, Korra looks seriously jacked. That is awesome. TV needs more fit ladies.

Photoshop and Ample Nerdery.

<edit> please full-view, the shrunken version has really super funky values. blech. </edit>

p.s. process, for interested parties - [link]
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This is beautiful! Heart 
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Wow, I've been a fan of LoK since beginning of the show, and I discovered your work just now :) I'm really stunned, and your art I just just very lovely and powerful :)
I really love it :heart:
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It kinda reminds me to Kida from Atlantis !! I love it!!
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Katara annoying? Please guys, her mom died, her father was away for a very long time...She had to be the mother. She was a well written character.
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Well written? Sure.
Still annoying and irritating as fuck? Yep.
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woah this is so pretty!
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This is beautifully done. Something about her reminds me of Sokka, for some reason though. Don't ask me why. XD
Yeah, she is too white.
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Look up refracted light.
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No she isn't? It's the light reflecting off of the water.
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Somehow I doubt it's the light reflecting off the water, considering in the show, even when there is a fire right next to her face she is still not this pale. [link]
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Maybe because fire is red and orange whereas water is blue? And looking back at the original comment I still don't understand, she is just the right color here.
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Gah. Katara. I loved her at first, but her character went kinda down hill halfway through the second season...

But KORRA! Don't get me started. This is lovely!
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i agree-katara was freaking annoying as heck...i love this!! :) waterbending was always my favourite.
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Katara annoyed me too! Cool drawing by the way! Very pretty.
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it remind me of Pocahontas ... hope i spelled that right
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I agree Katara bugged the crap outta me, but i love Korra! this picture is amazing!!!
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That's really cool looking! :D
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