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Hermione's Specialty

By toerning
Something lighter, just a little "Thank you!" for recent support from all you guys- I forgot how fanart stirs the masses hahahaha

Seriously though, thanks a lot, for the DD, and all the nice comments etc. :heart:
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thelastmaze's avatar
This is very nice.
Gryffgirl's avatar
I love the trio! :heart:
lilybill's avatar
oh golly, this is just adorable.
MollyTheWanderer's avatar
This is so sweet^_^. Waaaaaah, I'm so excited and sad about the last movie coming out. Thanks for the great Fanart.
Quequelle's avatar
I don't know really why but this makes me cry.
toerning's avatar
I think I know what you mean- nostalgia, possibly? :heart: thanks for looking!
MioneBookworm's avatar
ugh why isn't this on my faves already?
:+fav: OBVIOUSLY. 'cause this is aawesome.
Kazooks's avatar
Your Harry Potter art makes me want to read the series all over again.
chibiCharlie-chan's avatar
i am IN LOVE with your style and colors. the overall feel of each of your pieces is just so.. right! great job and I hope to see more from you :heart:
Megalosaurus's avatar
I really love this!
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
This is great, a little HP fan-art is good for this old man, especially when it's based on the books... not fetishes. Very well done.
Daaakota's avatar
Their hands! Wow!
likelytodisaster's avatar
You're amazing. I seriously love your artwork, especially your HP fanart. :love:
Dr--Miasma's avatar
OMG GREAT coloring!! :+fav:
ChristianNauck's avatar
These are great! Love your brushwork!
ayuICHI's avatar
Teehee, I love this so much too. <3333 Yay Hermione and her blue fires.
I've been listening to Deathly Hallows while I've been sick and I literally just heard the part about Hermione making her portable blue flames when I found this. Beautiful work!
paperlait's avatar
GUHHHH not only do you work amazingly in painterly styles, you have this one down to AMAZINGGG
super super lovely, I love those hands :heart:
runnerbean's avatar
I really love your style, it's great :)
Lelpel's avatar
SO SO awesome, I really love these HP pics your wiping up ^_^
explosive-toaster's avatar
cuuuute omg, I love this! It's really in-character and just sweetly designed! I really enjoy how you draw their fingers, oddly enough, haha
elviella's avatar
I love it when people illustrate these "small" moments, and you certainly did that well. I really like the way you draw their facial features in this style, and the simple colouring combined with the more complicated brushwork. They create a wonderful atmosphere!:)
Koyukionna's avatar
Beautiful pic. :]
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