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NO...I didn't say take me back to the eighties!

By toegar
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I said, "take me back to the ladies...the girls...Oh never mind!"

Hello, here, on the wire, is my submission to the Minion art contest.  A great great movie and to have the chance to win big money to help on our up coming baby is a huge motivation.  But really without coloring and cleaning it a bit more I really have zero chance.  But you know it's all good because I love, love DM 2.  I laughed out loud, once I was brought to tears I laughed so hard.  They did things with the Minions you didn't expect and sometimes it just hit you out of the blue or purple...that's why I did the 80's thing as it was more of tribute to the creators and writers for adding those random things that made me laugh... anyway See this movie or see it again it is really worth it. 

Can you name all the 80's Icon I put in?  I know much different than my commissions of late but a fun change.  Tell me what you think...only wish I could have colored it....oh well.
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So much of my childhood in one picture, I love it. :D
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Thanks man!  Yeah me too!  I Had so many more to add but no room or time:).
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Really love Prince and the Greatest American Hero.

Other than those and what's been mentioned... I see some Goonies, a Tri-Lamb, Han Solo, Marty & Doc, Terminator, Ghostbusters, Airwolf, Indiana Jones, Mr. T, Devo, Billy Idol, Madonna.

Pretty stumped on the rest, but had fun looking!
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Wow thanks  Jehsee!  I appreciate the kind words coming from a super pro like yourself.  Yep you where spot on and extra points to you getting those right.  Glad you liked it man and it was fun to do.  Love your work as well.  That's the best thing about DA you get to see art and artist you'd never have the privilege to see or meet if not for DA.  Thanks for looking man!
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This is awesome!
I see The Breakfast Club, Mr. T, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Twisted Sister, Indiana Jones, Devo.... is that a hint of Michael Meyers hockey mask to the left?
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Big marks for you! I didn't think anyone would se breakfast club!!! Without coloring it I wasn't sure. Anyway thanks for looking and yes that is old Jason is about to give Judd a machete to the kidney . :)
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Hey thanks!  How you been!  Hope all well in the Netherlands!
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You are welcome. :) All is fine here, the winter is coming, so it's getting colder. :( But X-Mas and the Holidays are almoste here, so : good times! How are you doing?
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Much better.  Can't wait for our baby daughter to get here.  Our first and I have a lot to get ready.  Holidays are good as I'm on layoff for a couple of weeks.  No pay but at least I can get things ready and some art done.  Merry X-mas!!  BTW!!
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That's great news buddy! When will she be born?  Merry Christmas to you too and have an awesome New Year!
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Thanks!  She is to come to us Jan. 20th but she is having problems turning.  We go Tuesday to see if the doctor can turn her on the outside...if not it most likely be a C section and we REALLY don't want that, but what ever it takes to have the baby safe for her and mom.  Happy 2014 too!
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Two weeks to go! :) How did it go at the doctor? Where they able to turn the baby? 
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Wow!  Thanks for remembering, Pascal.  Yeah the baby turned on her own Sunday so when we went in it was all done already!  Now just a waiting game.  Still a lot to do and back to work with 12 hour days so busy, busy.  How are you doing?
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Holy mackeral, this is truly amazing...soo much detail (as per usual for you :D ).
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Hey buddy!  Good to hear from you!  Yeah I had Minion craps doing this...each one is about an 1 1/2 H by 1 Wide  Tried to cram in a lot but tons and tons I couldn't get in...:(
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Wow, this is epic and the type of image where you can see something different everytime you look at it! Amazing work.

To name a few I think I see Madonna, Knight Rider, Michael Jackson and the Greatest American Hero.
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Right on Andrew!  My wife didn't get the greatest American it again recently, wow was it cheesy :).  You are right on all you mentioned.  I was hoping you could see something different every time that was my goal!
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This is basically what I planned to do with mine, but I hurt my back, so after about 30 minutes I just drew in random stuff and quit.  I really like it!!! :D
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Hope your back is better.  Snow can be fun and dam hard!!  Snow boarding on to wet like concrete was not my own first taste of the sport.  Anyway hope you get well.   Thanks a lot.  I just locked down myself and forced thru...I was submitting with 4 minutes to spare.  Thanks for commenting!
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awesome, hope you'll win. ;)
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Thanks man, I hope too, but a lot of good, good talent.  And they colored their stuff big win for them....Fun to do though.
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Holy crap, this is AWESOME!! Devo?! YES! Airwolf, and Blade Runner too I see among several others. LOL Good luck dude! This kicks ass!!!
toegar's avatar
Hey Crash!  Devo of course!!  I though of mongoloid but when Melsie said you have to have Indiana with the whip, well...that's what they are saying...Indiana minion.."mubala zib, Wip it!"  Both "hahahaha"  OK I put to much thought in this.  Airwolf!! yes!! good call buddy.  I put a lot of Blade runner but love love that movie.  Watching futurescape… is really something. Cybernetics,  replicants becoming a true the robot revolution one it was CyBurg coming true!  I wish I would have done Big trouble too...Had Ghostbusters in tribute to you buddy!
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